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App name AltLife - Life Simulator
Package com.QmzApps.LifeStory
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 38
Size 35M
Require Android 4.4

What's new

Just a few gameplay changes and bug fixes! Here’s a few that are noteworthy:

– Made it easier to grow your Instafame page
– Increased real estate rent and sublet revenues
– Fixed tax accountants not working

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AltLife – Life Simulator Description

The life of each of us is the most precious gift the Creator has given us. This is our freedom, the freedom to control our own life to do the things we like best. But for most people, the freedom of mastery in their life only ends at a certain age. When we reach that age, we will be influenced by many other factors such as money, family, love … There will be many things that we regret because it is too late to be able to do. Someone once said, life is just a series of different choices only, according to what I know so far, this is a true saying.

Every day we make a lot of choices such as what to eat today, where to go … each choice will lead us to different results. If you make the wrong choice, life will not let you go back to the past to choose again. But if you come to the game AltLife – Life Simulator then you absolutely can choose many times if you feel sorry for your decision. Produced by QmzApps, a manufacturer is probably quite strange to the majority of players. This game will simulate the life of a person, they have to make choices throughout the game. Download the game AltLife – Life Simulator now to experience the true feeling of the game.


The game’s plot is extremely simple but difficult to predict. It is simply because it is inspired by what we are most familiar with, which we experience every day, is life. It’s complicated because no one can predict what your future will be like, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Especially, there are many events throughout life so it is difficult to predict the plot of the game. Each choice will lead to a different story, you will have to explore it by yourself.


You will be given a random life to the role of the game’s creative team. Most games from 1 to 3 years old, can not be conscious so you will not be able to make any choices. Until the age of 3, if there were no previous incidents, you would enter kindergarten and make friends. If you have an event that prevents you from going to school, there is another way to choose. Each character will have 6 initial indicators, representing the status of the character. Those metrics include Health, Happiness, Appearance, Intelligence, Fitness, and finally Social. Each indicator will have a status message to notify the character’s index as a percentage. You will have to use the money to pay for things like tuition, car purchases … So look for a job.


The game has many very impressive features, making the authenticity of the game extremely high.


When you graduate from college, the first thing you must do is to get a steady job so you can make money. In the game, there will be countless different jobs with different requirements, and it is not easy to get a job. You have to study a lot before you can advance and get a job. There will be many different jobs for you to do such as dentist, doctor, film director … but they will require different types of qualifications to be able to apply for a job.


There will be 2 main relationships in AltLife – Life Simulator: love relationship and social communication. You will meet new girls and try to decide who is the one. If you expand through your social network more than at school, then you will receive the love of everyone. This will help a lot after you graduate and apply for a job, the more people you get closer the easier it is for you to get a job.

Activities: AltLife – Life Simulator is inspired by what is real so there will also be many practical activities to serve one another for humans. Typically shopping, driving license … You can use the money you earn to serve yourself.


Designed extremely simple, players just need to pay attention to be able to play the game already. The interface of the game was made by the creative team in black themes with yellow text. The interface of the game will be like a diary, recording what happens throughout your life. You will read the words in the game to know what is happening to you.

This is a very good game and worth experiencing, coming to the game you will have an interesting experience about life. Download AltLife – Life Simulator now.


Download AltLife – Life Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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