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Download Asphalt 8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v6.4.1a for Android

App name Asphalt 8
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 6.4.1a
Size 177M
Require Android 5.0+

What's new?

Major performance and stability update. And yes, based on your requests, the “Claim All” icon is finally live.


  • Major optimization of game performance & stability
  • Fixed main causes of freezes
  • Optimized FPS in pre-/post-race showcases
  • Fixed a menu-scrolling issue


  • “Claim All” icon has been added!
  • Improved sorting & clarity in the Events section
  • Free coins & special offers can now be found in the “More Coins” section in the Festival

Other fixes & improvements.

Asphalt 8 version 6.1.0g new update !

Is that a winter chill, or just the cold stares of your rivals? Let’s melt the competition in this holiday update!

**What’s New**
– Holiday Customizations –
Don a seasonal style with new decals, profile icons, and a Winter Holiday Avatar to spark your spirit of speed.
– The Winter Festival –
Race to win the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo and more!
Watch the Calendar for more events!
Asphalt 8 6.4.1a new update
– The 9th Anniversary is here:
Thank you for being with Asphalt 8 all this time! We’ve prepared lots of awesome content and rewards for you.
– Festive vibes in the new Season Pass:
A new batch of prizes, along with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Anniversary Edition, are waiting for you in the new Season Pass.
– More awesome cars:
Feel the power with the new Faraday Future FF ZERO1. Moreover, meet the brand-new Beltoise BT01!
– More self-expression:
Meet the new AIRBORNE MARK II outfit.

How to fix error 0% Downloading actual game?

If you get 0% Downloading actual game error, please take the following steps to fix it.

Step 1: Install Asphalt 8 from Google Play. When the download progress increases by a few percent, you can cancel.

Step 2: Install the MOD version.

Step 3: The download will work normally.

Asphalt 8 Screenshots

Asphalt 8 Description

Asphalt 8 Airborne (MOD APK, Unlimited Money) is a racing game that gives players various exhilarating experiences along with loads of challenges or the most modern vehicles.

Introducing about Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is a racing game designed for mobile devices. You will hardly miss this game if you are really passionate about cars and speed. This game is listed under the Racing category and was developed by the Gameloft SE family. You will be participating in a lot of attractive racing tracks with many licensed vehicles coming to the game. Asphalt 8 also offers you many game modes, depending on your ability. This allows everyone to experience it. You will experience countless indescribable emotions, from challenges, excitement to exciting happiness. All will be great if you join the game. Let’s explore the magic of this game with me!


Asphalt 8 has just about everything great to meet the player’s racing needs. You will have the opportunity to enjoy fast-paced races on selected vehicles. There are more than 290 vehicles used to serve players to participate in races, including cars and high-performance bicycles. They are ready to allow you to overcome their limits to conquer the heights of the tracks. These racing cars are licensed by leading prestigious manufacturers, extremely luxurious, such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, and many other great brands.

With the variety of vehicles you can choose from, you will experience a variety of tracks. There are more than 75 tracks you can ride on it for you to explore. For more thrilling and thrilling races, the engine’s sound is a high fidelity, immersing you in the ride, giving you the feeling of racing in the real world. The game helps you enjoy the races’ greatness with more than 2300 decals, giving you the power to defeat your opponents most spectacularly.


When you go uphill and race over the car’s physical limits, you are free of its gravity. You will feel like you are flying into the sky with your bike or car. This feeling is both risky and stimulating the discovery of real gamers. You can perform barrel roll moves, and wild 360 degree jumps as you fly over opponents.

It would help if you maximized your speed to navigate the air while doing crazy stunts in your car or motorbike to find the way to your destination in the fastest way. You can rearrange your desktop icons and controls the way you want with custom controls. Then, optimize your play style to make it most unique.


Asphalt 8 has up to 75 races with 18 different contexts that will bring fascinating locations for you. You can enjoy a lot of beautiful natural landscapes, adding positive power and excitement to players. To create new challenges and boost your efforts, you can choose to race any track in its initial mode or mirror variation. To elevate your position to a new level, to be at the top of the competition, you need to explore many shortcuts in every position to make sure you master all the ways. It will help you get to your destination quickly and best.

Besides, you can experience the fun with Asphalt 8 by more than 9 seasons and over 400 events in Career mode. This mode poses many challenges for the racers with the most test kings. To make a new twist on racing, you need to check out the Infected and Gate Drift modes. Compete for a chance to win valuable rewards, which are the top prizes in the Limited-Time Cups – giving you the earliest access to some of the latest cars in Asphalt 8.


Asphalt 8 features super fast speed, racing speed, combined with extremely great music. Music plays an important role in helping the riders get the best morale to race with the best results. Besides, the game allows players to race against others, properly assessing each driver’s ability compared to their opponent. This gives them a chance to top the leaderboards with their friends, score points, and unlock other interesting prizes.

Asphalt 8 is a breakthrough in speed that you should explore. Download the game to get ready to experience the world of racing in HD!


Download Asphalt 8 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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