Battlegrounds Mobile India

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK (Mega Menu) v2.1.0 for Android

App name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Package com.pubg.imobile
MOD Mega Menu
Version 2.1.0
Size 892M
Require Android


MOD Information

  • Test Anti-ban system
  • Esp no lag no crash
  • Esp name
  • Esp line
  • Esp circle
  • Esp skeleton
  • Esp weapon
  • Esp vehicle
  • Esp alert 360°
  • Esp health
  • Esp enemy count
  • Grenade warning
  • All items esp
  • Esp who show you [TEST]
  • Esp who shoot to you [TEST]
  • Esp who aiming to you [TEST]

With the Original version, please download and install OBB (zip) file.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Screenshots

Battlegrounds Mobile India Description

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is a third-person shooter battle royale game from publisher KRAFTON (India). As other battle royale games, you fight to be the last man standing on the battlefield.

Introduce about Battlegrounds Mobile India

The most epic battle royale scenes have arrived!

Third-person shooter game with realistic gameplay and screnes

You are passionate about a battle shooting game that goes from one battlefield to another tirelessly. Do you love speed and unlimited surreal 3D scenes? Then you must play through the third-person shooter coming this year, Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Play as a mercenary, the helicopter will take you to each land where you have to shoot, shoot and shoot continuously to find the way to survive, destroy all other players to become a winner. Battlegrounds Mobile India also introduces many modes, you can play alone against all, or play as a team.

There are many maps in the game. True to the name of the Indian style, you will participate in many battlefields such as Paraty, Welad, Bakrol … When the helicopter lands, the real battle begins. Each place will have different terrain and space. Although it’s all just a virtual context, it is said that the developer has integrated Unreal Engine 4 technology into Battlegrounds Mobile India to create virtual, extremely deep and extremely detailed world.

And especially, it is impossible not to mention this meticulous dynamic scene with 3D sound quality. Of course, every game has its own good, you can like this point, not like that point, but now, for me Battlegrounds Mobile India can also be ranked in the top battle royale games for mobile, at least in terms of visuals and sound.

Equip the characters with cool and fancy costumes

The next part is equally important as the upgrade of the skin. In addition to clothes, shoes, and weapons, the variety of styles makes you not only aim to improve your fighting skills, but also spend a lot of time collecting. On the occasion of the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, there are also gifts for pre-registered gamers, including a unique set of “accessories” only seen in real action movies such as Recon mask, Recon suit…

Not just a mercenary with a Rambo T-shirt, but after a few life changes, you can become an office worker in a suit with an AK47 in hand, a cowboy, or a nurse sexy dozen holding… non-stick pan.

How to play easy to understand, easy to manipulate and control

Like any other shooting game. The left-hand side includes a navigation button in the form of a circle for the character to move. The right hand manipulates weapons and other accessory options that you can change during the game.

The game modes in Battlegrounds Mobile India are also quite diverse. You can play alone against the game’s AI or play in multiplayer mode, experiencing intense battles to see who the last survivor is.

Fierce combat but also requires strategic

Battlegrounds Mobile India is more than just a shooting war. But this is also a battlefield with stressful brain hacking situations. You need to be a mercenary with a brain, not only shoot and shoot, but you also have to use your vision and strategic thinking to think of ways to deal with the enemy safely, with the least casualties. Besides, you must know how to move, coordinate smoothly with teammates.

It is the large space of each scene that allows both you (and your opponent) many different fighting styles. You can play recklessly, face to face or hide, waiting for your prey like a cold sniper. The endless “chasing” games made the battle more intense than ever.

It must also be added that the mind factor is also maximized in situations where you face many enemies from many sides. You have to take advantage of the fuel tanks, detonators, and nearby obstacles to deal massive damage. A small suggestion, if you want to learn the tactics of fighting in the game, how to coordinate well with your teammates, you can follow the livestreams of professional players, or the tutorial videos are many on YouTube.


Excellent graphics, clear battle elements, bold fighting style, no emotions, only action, shoot and run. New content is updated monthly, many events, costumes launch continuously. If you are a fan of PUBG MOBILE, remember when Battlegrounds Mobile India is officially released to download and play immediately.


Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (MOD, Mega Menu) for Android


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