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App name Car Driving School Simulator
Package com.boombitgames.DrivingSchoolParking
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Version 3.12.3
Size 307M
Require Android 5.1

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Car Driving School Simulator Description

Car Driving School Simulator is a true driving game dedicated to those who want to explore the world behind the wheel. Even once you’ve mastered it, this is still an opportunity for you to experience many diverse types of vehicles and explore your limits.

Introduction about Car Driving School Simulator

The most realistic driving training game on mobile

Why should you play driving practice game?

The biggest benefit of simulator games is to help people do things they want but do not dare, have no conditions or time to do. And one of the things that seem very normal but still few people dare to do is driving.

Watching people drive cars in movies, there are times when I want to drive a four-wheeled vehicle with my own hands and confidently roll on the road. But life is not like a dream. Those of you who already have a knack for driving just need to put your hands on the steering wheel, read a few instructions, and you can start to feel a little more confident. But there are a few people, especially me, who are still struggling with learning to drive.

Until now, I still have not had the courage to get a driving license.

That’s why i decided to play some game before actually paying for school and putting my hands on the wheel. The initial criteria were that this game could be played on a tablet, or on a mobile device, so that i could practice anywhere and anytime. The second criterion was to specialize in learning to drive. It cannot be the kind of super-realistic driving games that don’t apply in reality. In short, the purpose of playing was to learn, not to have fun.

After determining, i started finding the game. Honestly, the more I found, the more confused I got. Driving or racing simulation games were countless, but the one really containing the necessary knowledge about driving practice lawfully was too rare. Fortunately, when I was about to give up, I found this game. After a few days of experience, I felt very satisfied, so now I want to introduce it to everybody.

Car Driving School Simulator, for those who want to practice driving

This game is called Car Driving School Simulator. This is the most realistic car driving game ever in my opinion. Driving a car in real life is difficult with many operations, many rules. It is exactly the same here. With such a series of strict constraints, after playing, you will certainly partly understand the operation and general principles when driving. Next, if you learn to get a driver’s license, it will be faster and less confusing.

First, we need to choose the car. Feel free to choose based on its Power, Torque, Traction, Weight parameters. There are twenty-eight types of vehicles for you to start learning to drive. Depending on your current level or learning needs, choose the right vehicle. There are: 4-seater, 5-seater, 16-seat cars, minibuses, big buses, trucks, pickups, racing cars… I think it’s better to choose the basic 4-seater type from scratch to be safe, and then slowly raise it to other genres.

After the car selection screen will be the scene selection. This game can take you around the world. Up to seven detailed 3D scene maps allow you to try out all kinds of roads and experience the thrill of driving. You can get around California, Canada, Aspen, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Tokyo… to experience each place’s beauty. Corresponding to each vehicle and each type of map the player chooses, the game will offer different missions. All tasks will be displayed on the same screen. This is also how the game leads players to gradually get used to the car controls.

If you are not confident enough to go straight to the running track, you can go to the Tutorial section (also in the map section). There will be specific instructions here such as how to accelerate, how to step on the gear lever, where to brake, where the fuel is… For a beginner like me, it also takes a long time to dare going to the map. For those who are familiar with driving games, the controls in this Car Driving School Simulator game can be said to be the easiest in the world. The goal is for driving practice, the realism, ease of operation and intuition of the control details are simulated extremely well.

All rules must be realistic and strictly followed

For those who are good at driving, it can be considered sometimes as a joy. You can watch the streets change with the seasons, the time of day with the wonderful scenery. But for anyone who has never ridden a car, every step of moving the car on the road is a challenge. Turn signals to the left, turn the corner, accelerate when going over the overpass, slow down when dropping downhill, put the car in a parking space… All are challenging.

In addition to handling all the buttons on the dashboard of a car, newbies also struggle with the highly realistic traffic laws in the game. How to overtake the car in front, follow the traffic signs on the road, obey the maximum speed, be careful with danger signs…? If there’s any mistake, you will immediately be punished by a policeman. In fact, anyone who has just learned to drive and plays this game has at least a few tickets.

Freely to drive alone or compete with many players

Depending on how you handle demanding situations, later levels will increase the difficulty. The AI cars on the road are very smart. They will move flexibly and have a few light interactions with your car just like the activities taking place on the real street. Thanks to that, the road never ceases to be exciting.

It will be awesome if you get through everything and get yourself some initial driving experience. After that, you can test the rest of the twenty-eight car models in the game. And if you’re tired of being a “lonely warrior” on the road, you can switch to multiplayer mode to compete for victory on the road. Since then, you can have the opportunity to get in the prestigious rankings in the list of players around the world.

MOD APK version of Car Driving School Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Cars

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