Chapters: Interactive Stories

Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlocked All) v6.3.9 for Android

App name Chapters: Interactive Stories
Package com.mars.avgchapters
MOD Unlocked All
Version 6.3.9
Size 113M
Require Android 4.4

MOD information

  1. Menu Mod
  2. Unlocked all cards
  3. Unlocked all chapters

NOTE: If you are banned, please change IMEI or another device to play!

Make sure the app’s “Appear on top” is enabled.

Settings -> Apps -> Chapters -> Appear on top

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New Stories and Weekly updates on Monday, Thursday & Saturday from BESTSELLING ROMANCE, DRAMA, & FANTASY!

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Chapters: Interactive Stories Description

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK is an expansive library with countless love stories for players to build their destiny and face any challenge.

You will be mastering your romance with many handsome characters in Chapters: Interactive Stories. This is a game for you to experience stories like in love novels. Crazy Maple Studio has created a visual novel simulation game that gives you a dreamlike love. Are you looking for your half love? If so, will the game let you play the role of a beautiful girl to choose the most handsome guy? Make your love dreams come true in the chapters of the game.


You will be spoiled for choice in experiencing a treasure trove of love stories with many different details and characters. The stories here are divided into many different categories and diverse character personalities. You will get to know all the cool or sweet guys in Chapters. You want a love story between two neighbors who grew up together. Or Cinderella meets a cold but emotional CEO.

It could also be a story between two best friends who have had a close relationship since childhood. A lot of fascinating details are designed for players to experience in their love stories. What kind of lover do you want? Excellent, psycho, rich, or funny, the guys are all gathered in chapters so you can craft a beautiful story for yourself.


To have dreamy love stories is no longer difficult with Chapters’ straightforward gameplay. Instead, you just have to choose from the options offered and enjoy romance. In the role of a beautiful girl, you choose the answers to help your girl find a suitable date. This story-based gameplay allows the player just to have a cup of tea and watch the dialogue or the story’s progress idly.

The characters talk to each other, and you will be the one to decide the following details. Each conversation will have content for you to follow and choose to choose the next episode. And each of your choices leads to a different ending; the plot will be changed the way you want. Give yourself the right choice to have the perfect ending for your love.


However, it doesn’t make you bored playing Chapters because there are nearly 150 different stories for you to explore. All love stories are available for you to experience in categories like Sweet, CEO/Billionaire, Bad Boys, 18+, LGBT, etc. You can completely immerse yourself in the kind of love you like. In addition, please bookmark the categories you like so that you can quickly date the attractive guys in the game.

Each story will have a brief description to help you quickly find the right guy for you. The happy or sad ending of each story also depends on your choice. Each first story has its own climax and turning point; sometimes, you also need to solve the problems that occur in your love story. The secrets of each guy are also gradually revealed, and you are the one to discover them. It would help if you made an intelligent choice to get yourself the best guy.

Some of the exclusive stories that you should play.

  1. Billionaire Next Door – The best-selling book is named by the New York Times & Wall Street Journal; the author is also one of the editors here
  2. VAMPIRE GIRL – Bestselling romance series by USA Today
  3. KIDNAPPING THE PRINCESS – Drama story for LGBT lovers
  4. Chapters Original Story: ROBIN HOOD

In addition, you can see a list of all book and full story content on the game’s Wiki Fandom page.


You can not only choose a really cool name for yourself, but you can also change the appearance of your character. Attract guys’ attention with sexy or sweet outfits. You can change everything for your character to be beautiful with clothes, hairstyle, skin color, etc. Although her appearance does not affect the love story’s ending, if you have an attractive, beautiful appearance, you will confidently choose bolder details.

Depending on each event, you need to choose the right outfit. The characters in Chapters are all beautifully designed with a handsome cast for you to choose from. The graphics of the surrounding scenes are also quite realistic, allowing you to experience a pink world of love. Add melodious sound effects to make your dates more romantic.

Don’t leave yourself alone because there are Chapters for you to date with countless ideal men. Create admirable love stories with guys with different personalities and characteristics. Unlock more interesting chapters and choose for yourself true love. Start experiencing the atmosphere with the boys in the game so that you have great entertainment minutes. Offer multiple choices to know who you can trust to get your love.


Download Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Unlocked All) for Android


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