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Download Dead Cells MOD APK (Mega Menu, DLC Unlocked, Cells) v2.7.8 for Android

App name Dead Cells
MOD Mega Menu, DLC Unlocked, Cells
Version 2.7.8
Size 1.1G
Require Android 7.0

MOD Information

MOD Unlocked info:
– license check is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

MOD MENU info:
– license check is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

Options are available for menu control

  • god mode
  • high damage
  • unlimited money
  • unlimited cells

Dead Cells Screenshots

Dead Cells Description

Dead Cells MOD APK (DLC Unlocked, Unlimited Cells) is a platform-action game, a perfect blend of classic and modern. If you love the classic Metroidvania genre games, you can’t miss this great game.

About Dead Cells

Currently, the platformer game of Motion Twin is highly praised experts is now available on the App Store.

Indian games are increasingly popular and loved by players around the globe. Motion Twin is a prime example of this. A young and enthusiastic team with 10 members, always turning unique ideas, new and even quirky into extremely impressive games.

The dead warrior

Dead Cells is both good at graphics and gameplay, thanks to a combination of smooth action scenes with dramatic challenges and hack n ‘splash gameplay.

The name Dead Cells of the game refers to the protagonist: a parasite in the form of mucus enters the body of a dead warrior, revives him and so the game begins. Life is wonderful! You may be just a green mess, but the warrior’s body where you reside is very flexible, thanks to the sharp and smooth control mechanism.


The platform game combined with adventure, action was not too strange for players. You begin the adventure with a starting weapon. Explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies, … Just repeat like that, you can complete the game. In each state, there are mysterious stories, weapons and energy is opened for players.

The map of Dead Cells is divided into several areas. Each area is further divided into branches. You are free to explore each area without following the pattern available like the usual adventure games. After each stage, the enemy gets stronger. You need to upgrade your weapons and skills if you want to continue the adventure. When fighting, don’t forget the most important thing, “death is not the end”.


The joystick on the left side acts as a move motion controller, while the buttons on the right side help you perform some actions such as rolling yourself to avoid the arrows or roll over a narrow wall, jump (and double jump), toss grenades, trigger traps and use weapons.

These buttons are small but very well arranged, so you will not be able to accidentally press the wrong button. Even if the layout is still not ok, you can edit the position and size of the buttons as you like.

Moreover, the mobile version of Dead Cells also has a completely new auto-attack mode, help your the character to engage in melee combat whenever an enemy enters a certain range. This is a great way for you to get used to the lightning fighting gameplay in the game.

Explore the dungeon

While exploring the winding and dangerous mazes, you will encounter countless loot, dozens of enemies and traps. The weapons you find have 3 different variants (classified by color). And the papers will help you increase the damage for weapons and increase health.

Sometimes you’ll get confused because there are so many options. But brave try new weapons to discover new skills and combinations, from freezing grenades to 3-way arrows, from throwing blades to blocking shields. Dead Cells is constantly looking for ways to keep you alert. Each level is automatically created, so each game brings a different experience. The layout of enemies will also change, to make sure you don’t feel subjective. The bosses will suddenly appear among the usual monsters – they move faster, deliver stronger attacks, pushing you into defence.

At some point, you will collapse and have to start from the beginning of your journey. But there are several ways to make the journey easier. Between areas, you can exchange the cells you have collected for special items: for example, your health regen can be upgraded so you can drink more times each time you run out of the blood.


Here, you can also hand over the found weapons design diagrams, from which you can unlock to buy. If you have the equipment to retain a certain amount of money, you will quickly accumulate to buy high-end equipment and overcome the first levels.

Also, if you defeat some special enemies, you will unlock the type of paranormal power that works forever. Some create vines out of green liquids, others help you teleport between coffins, while the third gives you the ability to jump between walls to reach new heights.

APK version of Dead Cells

With the APK version you can experience the original game. Only DLC Rise of the Giant and The Bad Seed are unlocked.

MOD APK version of Dead Cells

Why choose the MOD APK version?

At MODDROID, you can download Dead Cells APK completely free although this is a paid game. But if that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry. MOD APK version of Dead Cells will make you satisfied.

MOD features

MOD Unlocked info:
– license check is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

MOD MENU info:
– license check is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

Options are available for menu control
– god mode
– high damage
– unlimited money
– unlimited cells

You should pay attention

You need to enable the MOD feature before click Play for the MOD feature to work.

If you don’t see the MOD Menu, please go to Settings -> Applications -> Dead Cells -> Allow appear on top.


This game will satisfy every type of gamer. The perfect example that illustrates this is the special doors you can only open if you reach certain goals. Sometimes you have to complete the goal within a strict time limit, giving you more goals to pursue after you are strong enough to play well in the first few stages. Sometimes the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies without getting hurt (that is perfect for the cautious players).

No matter what style you play, you will feel proud to improve every time you play. While the dead cells are constantly evolving into a mighty warrior, you’ll also love the Motion Twin’s platformer-action game masterpiece. The Android version of Dead Cells has been released, and you can download the APK or MOD version of Dead Cells. Subscribe MODDROID every day to update the latest news about this game.


Download Dead Cells (MOD, Mega Menu, DLC Unlocked, Cells) for Android


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