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App name Diablo Immortal
Package com.blizzard.diablo.immortal
Version 1.6.0
Size 2.6G
Require Android 6.0

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Diablo Immortal Description

Diablo Immortal APK is an ARPG action role-playing game combined with MMO from the famous publisher Blizzard Entertainment. The game is considered a shortened version and at the same time has a few more small things from the previous successful PC version.

Diablo Immortal: Angels and Devils fight the best on mobile

The context is both familiar and strange, although it is only a very small chapter, it is more than enough for mobile

The plot is spread throughout the game details with a series of dialogues, interspersed short films and character voiceovers. Still a typical Diablo. You are lost in a small village full of zombies and mysterious religious people. It takes place somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III, when angels and demons join in an endless war for domination of the mortal realm. You will have to face the remnants of Horadrim, collect magic shards, stop the enemies of Sanctuary to regain control of the Worldstone. 

Corresponding to this rather short and simple plot (than the PC versions), Diablo Immortal currently has 6 classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard.

Gameplay is the biggest change of Diablo Immortal when it comes to mobile

It can be said that the biggest change of Diablo Immortal when it was adapted from the PC version is in the way of playing hack & splash, which has contributed to making the game really suitable for the mobile platform. 

Specifically in this way of playing, the screen is divided into 3 parts: The middle part is the character and the movements in the game. On the left side are virtual buttons that control the character’s movement. On the right are the available skills. This important right angle will help you choose your skills and develop your skills. In which the hit button will have the largest size, surrounded by 4 support skills. Also in this right area, there will occasionally appear random buttons that help you collect items or interact with characters to get important hints.

The main character will have a basic main attack and a series of skills that need to be unlocked later. Each skill will have a different cooldown. How to use it is simply to click on the skill and then use it. Note that there are some skills that need to be targeted correctly to be used. 

Especially in this mobile version of Diablo, the manufacturer has preferentially added a new dish, I temporarily call it “Ultimate skill”, which is the most superior item at the end of each class. . The common point of these special weapons is their extremely high damage ability but extremely slow cooldown.

Exciting game modes in Diablo Immortal

Compared to the controversial Alpha test, when officially launched, Diablo Immortal has really proven its formidable potential among hundreds of mobile games available. The PvP mode called Cycle of Strife in the game is really attractive. You will go into the war between the two factions Immortals (Immortals) and Shadows (Darkness) and will fight seasonally. The reward for the new Immortal is generous and attracts the interest of a large number of players. You can optionally choose Solo 1vs1, or 3v3 or any other option on the list to play with other online players.

In this return on mobile this time, Diablo Immortal still maintains the single player mode with the system to ensure the most private and authentic experience of the player. At the same time, the company has strongly developed the Multiplayer mode by adding to the game online required areas, dungeons for up to 4 players, guilds, parties and a variety of exchange environments. Products.

Typically, the “market” between players. Here you can trade certain materials, certain weapons and allowable additional items. This method brings a lot of excitement to the PvP mode in Diablo Immortal and is expected to bring a more open “money making” environment in the future. 

Graphics and music style

All can be called miniature copies of Diablo on PC. Diablo shows the right substance, the right identity, the right graphic style, the right motion effects and even the right sound effects.

Plus a good point not to be missed: The top-down view gives you a comfortable view so you can freely explore the open world around you. The landscape in the game changes constantly, so the feeling of boredom and standing still will never be there, even with the oldest mobile game players. 

Characters and weapons are also constantly changing and upgrading. Enemies in the game transform unpredictably with their distinctive and impressive appearance. Crisp sound effects in fiery PvP battles. All of them take you into a mysterious and magical world of angels and demons, which was previously only available on PC.


Download Diablo Immortal and play it right away lest you waste a youth. If you’ve ever played the PC version, you can’t ignore this role-playing game!


Download Diablo Immortal APK for Android


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