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Download Driving School Sim MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v7.7.0 for Android

App name Driving School Sim
Package com.ovilex.drivingschoolsim
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 7.7.0
Size 917M
Require Android 5.0
MOD information
  • Unlimited Money
What's new

– 2 new cars available!
– multiplayer drag racing challenge!
– 1/4 mile time in multiplayer!
– more updates coming soon!

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Driving School Sim Description

Driving School Sim MOD APK is a place where players experience the feeling of driving a car full of realism thanks to the superior physics systems along with distinctive graphics for immersive simulation. The game’s main content revolves around driving lessons, but the free drive mode is where players put everything into practice while having fun with other players through online multiplayer. Many new and exciting things will gradually unfold as players progress with the game or personal achievements.


Driving School Sim perfectly simulates vehicle control mechanisms in every detail to emphasize the “realistic” element throughout the gameplay. As a result, the console or the start-up process is subject to many rules, and players can face penalties for doing it the wrong way. Because of that, countless driving lessons will become challenges for players to immerse themselves in the joy of driving realistic cars.

What’s great is that players can personalize the controls, including the basic expansions that come with the vehicle. With them, obeying the driving laws will become simpler, and at the same time, create a familiar feeling even if the player has never driven in real life before. The game can strongly stimulate the player’s driving learning thanks to the simulation elements, such as the control mechanism, vivid graphics, and the world full of life.


Besides authentic gameplay, the large cities in the game are all online sessions for players to meet each other even in learning to drive. It’s a great feature, reducing loneliness and making the city more alive than driving offline. Of course, the city also creates NPCs or AI to increase traffic density or players’ patience in traffic jams.

The cities also come with various inspiring and entertaining activities, including particular challenges for players to test their driving or maneuvering skills. Depending on the requirements of the challenges, the bonuses for the player are plentiful, along with many cars’ components for vehicle upgrades. The appearance of cities is important to the gameplay, either for the player to relax or find new elements to the driving sim.


All the vehicles in the Driving School Sim that the player can drive are small, but they are rare and expensive, so customizing them is an excellent factor. Best of all, the selections are full of surprises for players, like vivid liveries, RGB paint, and many other creative effects to make them brightest at night or during the day. New content in the customization system will continuously appear in the store, giving players many ideas for vehicle design.


Players can make friends with other drivers in the Driving School Sim, from which they can accompany each other and exchange their driving knowledge. Some challenges are only available with friends, allowing everyone to connect through artistic driving. In addition, players can form small parties, from which they receive many daily quests and complete them to receive more resources or bonuses for vehicle customization.

Realism in Driving School Sim is taken to the next level, and even its graphic elements are fully optimized to provide driving opportunities for everyone. Its many online activities are also fun and relaxing, suitable for players to drive in cozy cars, listen to high-quality radios, or hang out with the boys.


Driving alone is definitely boring because it does not have interaction between many people. In the new version of the game Driving School Sim, players will be invited to add friends in a private room and drive together. Many people will have different types of missions for you to complete and get rewards. Often these rewards will be greater than usual. And the challenge will also be more difficult. In addition, you can also organize car races, competitions between players. This is definitely one of the most irritating features. Are you the most skilled driver? It all depends on these competitions. Please prove yourself.


Download Driving School Sim (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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