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App name Driving Zone: Germany
Package com.avecreation.drivingzonegermany
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 1.20.05
Size 99M
Require Android 4.4

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Driving Zone: Germany Description

Feel free to buy the cars you want in Driving Zone: Germany MOD APK (Unlimited Money) provided by MODDROID.

Introduce about Driving Zone: Germany

Driving Zone: Germany is a street racing game, taking place in beautiful Germany. In this game, you will be able to freely show your passion for speed, ride-on cars made in Germany and roam the streets. Of course, there are many challenges ahead. Can you overcome all the experienced racers, win the championship street racing?

This is an upgraded version of Driving Zone

In fact, Driving Zone: Germany is considered an upgrade of Driving Zone, set in Germany. Some features are added and upgraded, to make the car driving simulation experience much more realistic.

However, Driving Zone: Germany is like its predecessor. The game does not provide any instructions during gameplay. You will have to figure out the basics yourself like changing cars, buying cars, or even controlling. But in general, the game provides a fairly intuitive interface, and the difficulty is not too steep, players can easily get used to the game in just a few minutes.

At its core, Driving Zone: Germany retains many of the elements of the original version. The gameplay and controls are almost unchanged, but effects or motion handling have been pretty much tweaked. Thanks to that, the player will have a smoother and more realistic driving feeling.

Pay attention to the weather

One of the highlights in Driving Zone: Germany is the updated weather system and maps. The tracks have become less monotonous, with the addition of landscape elements, obstacles and traffic lights. Meanwhile, it also gives a unique feeling when the scene on the track changes with the weather and season. For example, in winter, the track is covered with ice and snow. Streets and landscapes are nicer, but make it more difficult to control your vehicle. The road is slippery making the steering or brakes harder to control.

Many supercars in the garage

Driving Zone: Germany has many types of vehicles for players to choose from. Of course, initially, you will be given a default car to race, compete and make money. Then, as you progress, new vehicles will gradually be unlocked for you to buy and use.

And one of the things I like most about Driving Zone: Germany is that it doesn’t feel repetitive. For the most part, each vehicle offers a unique experience, making you feel that the developer has been dedicated to this product.

Besides, the car models in Driving Zone: Germany are also quite appreciated. The car has more detailed, sharper textures and significantly smoother performance.

How far can you go?

Your goal in Driving Zone: Germany is to try to control your vehicle and move far to score points. You can keep track of the time you have driven, the distance and the score recorded in the upper left corner of the screen.

In Driving Zone: Germany, you are given three lives, corresponding to three hearts. Every time you collide with an obstacle or other vehicle, your life is reduced by one. The reason you have to drive carefully because the streets in Driving Zone: Germany are very complicated. The racetrack is the streets in the city crowded with many vehicles passing by. You will have to avoid them and try to overcome other racers.

Some other features

In this section, I will introduce two contents. Firstly, in terms of perspective, Driving Zone: Germany offers you the first and third perspectives. Each angle will give you a different feeling. Personally, I prefer the first-person perspective because it’s so realistic. You will sit in the cockpit, behind the wheel, watching the track through the glass doors and the rear-view mirrors. Meanwhile, the third viewing angle gives you an overview of your surroundings, providing a wider viewing angle so you can easily control the car in tight spaces. You can change the viewing angle by tapping the camera icon in the upper corner of the screen.

Second, the game has the ability to store cloud data. You can save your progress, vehicle and track data on the developer’s server. Thanks to that, you can easily switch devices without having to play all over again.

MOD APK version of Driving Zone: Germany

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.


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