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App name Drop The Number
Package com.superbox.aos.fire2048
MOD Unlimited Coins
Version 1.9.8
Size 45M
Require Android 4.4

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2048 MOD APK is a SUPER addictive number merge puzzle. Show us how good you are among other puzzlers! 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384… Drop numbers and merge!

MPuzzle games are one of the genres of games that help people train their brains, stimulate their brains, and think, in addition to assisting players to kill time in their spare time. And this is also one of the games that feel addictive because of the game’s simple rules, but it causes players to learn the rules to win. Nowadays, many gamers are interested in the kind of puzzle game, logic inference game. This is a kind of game that is not too difficult but requires logical reasoning and hard work. In this article, we will look at some of the games that drive the puzzle game market crazy: Drop The Number – one of the top games in terms of downloads.


As everyone knows, through games such as 2048, 2048 original,… is one of the games not too strange, very popular in many parts of the world, is downloaded by numerous users. Therefore, following the success of previous games, there were many types of puzzle games, including Drop the Number. Drop the Number is a logic puzzle game that many users have downloaded since its release. This is a fairly simple game, bringing players into situations that require thinking and reasoning, such as lining up a block of bricks to fit or finding a way out in a large maze,…

The gameplay of this game is quite familiar in the 2048 style game. However, in this game, players will drop numbers from top to bottom of the screen and move right or left to form new results exponentially. This is an extremely addictive puzzle game, but it is beneficial. It will help you practice your reasoning skills, brain training, patience, …


With a particular type of game, the player must undoubtedly have the game rules, especially with intellectual logic games like this. As a logic game, when the user has a way of playing, it is easy to get the maximum score. When you play a lot, you will find out its rules to get high scores. The player will move the blocks to the right or left, and it will multiply the squares with the same number for you exponentially. Each turn, there will be a block with the value of 2, 4, 8, … appearing randomly. On the right side of the screen is the amount of coins you have earned, the top center of the screen is your current score and record points, and on the left side is your ranking in the rankings. Until there are no two adjacent cells with the same value, then the game will end.


Drop The Number is a game built very carefully by the game manufacturer with an enormous investment in graphics, eye-catching colors, and freshness in a subtle way. The application also owns a system of colorful interfaces, beautiful images, transparent, funny sounds, contrary to popular belief. At each level, it gives players a feeling of excitement and excitement.


It is a game with a new interface, colors, and simple graphic design but no less modern. There is a tournament mode in the game, meaning it will show all the rankings of all players and your high score on the leaderboard. The gameplay is quite simple, move, connecting the same number of boxes, and releasing. You can share your scores with friends, people around. The controls are easy and simple. Not limited by time. It helps players train their brains every day. Automatically save game results. What is more, this application is designed to be perfectly suitable for everyone. Players can use this application completely free and can play offline; they need to be connected to wifi.

Drop The Number is a type of entertainment game that is beautiful to all players. With extremely meticulous design, care by the game design, and development team, it has become one of the highly entertaining puzzles, logic reasoning games, topping the top game. that the player should choose. With a game that has many advantages, features like this will not disappoint players. All exciting things will be reunited in this game. This is a highly entertaining game for everyone.


Download Drop The Number (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for Android


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