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App name Duskwood
Package com.everbytestudio.interactive.text.chat.story.rpg.cyoa.duskwood
MOD Premium/Free Shopping
Version 1.9.5
Size 154M
Require Android 5.0

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– Free Coins (Shop even if you don’t have enough)

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Duskwood Description

Duskwood MOD APK is a detective game with lots of horror and tension for players to role-play and solve all mysteries.

An exciting detective story is opened before the player’s eyes through the game Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Story and you will easily access what is going on in the game. Although it is easy to play, sometimes they will also face many different factors, and among them, there is a variety of gameplay. At the same time, over time, many things will appear in front of you, and you will decide your progress.


Players are led to detective stories, and they will spend time experiencing the mysterious things going on inside this game. Simultaneously, in Duskwood, more information will appear in front of your eyes quickly and similar to texting with your friends. That is the point that you will need to unravel through the experiences in this game. The interface of the game is similar to the text messages you use every day.

At the beginning of the game, you will be taken to a chat group where many characters will gradually appear in it, and you can interact with them like you are texting. At the same time, these message lines are also an essential factor that you cannot ignore when they provide information related to the missing character. One strange thing that was left, and led to you, was that the only phone number found was yours.

The game’s story is about Hannah – a missing character, and she has been missing for more than 24 hours, and all related information leads to you. So that’s why you’re put in a group chat to find out the secret of Hannah’s disappearance along with the others. In addition, there will be many factors that will make you think inside this game because everything depends on your choice if you want to go ahead.


You are directed to a storytelling game where you will go through stories told through different forms, and in this game, those are the lines of messages you receive. The authenticity lies in your interactions with the characters in the game and their profile elements that players can find. Specifically, you can click on any character’s avatar icon that you find curious.

After the player multiplies in the avatar icon, the profile dialog box will appear, and it is the image of the character that you can see. At the same time, some characters also have some other information that you can learn to have related information. Once you’ve finished finding what you want about the characters, the game’s plot begins to unfold, and you’ll be a part of it.

The characteristic of the storytelling genre leads players to the stories it contains in a specific step. Players will be the ones to make choices through the choices the game offers. Specifically, the options inside the game are in the position of entering the answer of the chat. In other words, you will choose the solution that you feel makes sense to progress in the game, and there are no elements that remind you of what is coming.


When you complete Duskwood to a certain extent, you will need to perform an operation to continue the game’s story, which is to participate in a minigame in the Cloud tab. There are cubes, and you will see the levels below them. At the same time, you will need to solve a certain level until the system announces that you can continue to learn the game’s story. Each level has specific challenges for the player.

The rules of a match-three game are completely simple and accessible to anyone. You will group a minimum of 3 elements of the same color to reach the required number in each level. At the same time, the goal of each game will change and gradually become more complex. So, in a certain number of moves, you will have to complete the level to continue to other levels or learn the game’s plot.


Once you’ve completed a certain number of match-three levels in Duskwood, you have the option to continue the match-three level or continue the game’s storyline. You can see the puzzle game screen as a way for you to relieve stress after the complicated details appear before the player’s eyes. At the same time, there will be many things that you will need to consider as more chat groups appear before your eyes, and the amount of information will increase.

At the beginning of the game, you will join a single chat group, and the number of characters will increase. But over time, in the chat history management interface, you will see many new chats appear, and you are also a part of it. So you will find many elements appearing in the game beyond the text messages, like the pictures they take while in a specific place. All the elements present you with a story full of mystery.


Download Duskwood (MOD, Premium/Free Shopping) for Android


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