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App name Endless Colonies
Package games.giantavocado.endlesscolonies
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 3.41.00
Size 152M
Require Android 4.4

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Note: Free upgrade in Factory and Spaceship .

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Endless Colonies Description

Endless Colonies MOD APK is one of the fun entertainment games for mobile users. A journey to save the planet from destruction and lead to extinction, find the best way to solve the problem. The fate of the human planet is in your hands, get up and do those things right away. Download the game now to join the adventure of finding and saving the planet from destruction.


By 2020, our entire planet is covered in darkness, with conditions such as wildfires, pandemic diseases, earthquakes, or tsunamis threatening people’s lives. There is an announcement from astronomers reporting that an asteroid impact on Earth will destroy all humans. Humanity’s time is not much longer, and all will be destroyed if you do not act now. Humanity requires heroes and hope lit in the midst of destruction. Build your colonies to develop the most; that is where you will rule and lead; that is the best foundation for becoming the hero to save the planet. Endless Colonies is a space simulator game where your hands are free when soldiers are trying to colonize. Through each click of the screen, you will clearly realize the progress of your territory, and it is about to become powerful.


In the game, the player can research more than 200 different products; many of the products in the game are arranged for the player to explore. Includes 8 different worker characters; through many levels of play, you will open these characters, each character is arranged for each characteristic factory. Including 5 factories for players to unlock and upgrade, factories are designed with many different themes, players are spoiled for exploring the experience. The image quality in the game is detailed and unique; images showing the things in the game are carefully elaborated. Strictly manage your resources, make proper use of what the game offers you; they will be beneficial for constructing the territory. Continuously updated multiplayer events ensure participants collect more bounty, valuable rewards that are fully provided to you.


The game was built to encourage players to find and explore other planets and set up factories to create an empire in space. Make yourself the suzerain of the planets, an empire about to be formed by your hand. Invest the resources needed to explore and discover many other planets, and you will become the greatest explorer yourself. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer game to your phone, together to experience the feelings of glory and salvation for humanity. Make your entertainment hours more exciting and fun, and our game is at the highest value. Hopefully, the game will receive a lot of appreciation from the players; if you have any feedback regarding the game, please send us an inbox immediately.


The year is 2038. Darkness has covered the entire galaxy. Forest fires, earthquakes and epidemics threaten humanity. While we’re not out of the storm yet, we realize that the worst is yet to come! An asteroid! Astronomers report that an asteroid approaching Earth will soon destroy humanity. Our time is limited. Humanity is in fear. We need heroes and companies that can save us from extinction!

Are you ready to be a hero? Save humanity by leading the colony!

Endless Colonies is an empty space simulator game where you can progress step by step with the clicker mechanism. The aim of this empty space simulator game is to explore new planets, build new factories and create a space empire! Become the number one millionaire king of the entire universe! Invest to become the biggest adventurous company on the planet!

Unlike other idle games, you have the chance to develop your own strategy to manage your factories, products and workers! Power up your ships and let your workers produce hundreds of items to fill the factories’ mine warehouse! Profit, upgrade and grow your employees! Earn gold!

Prepare to deploy your spaceship! Explore new sectors and find new home planets to live in! Collect rewards, activate power-ups to grow fast! Become a good miner. NASA will be watching you! You will experience a completely different tap game mechanic at every level.

Do you like space games? Are you an astronaut? No matter how you define yourself, you are in the right place! Join us in this adventure and change the rules of survival! The fate of humanity is now in your hands!


Download Endless Colonies (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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