Extreme Car Driving Simulator

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App name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Package com.aim.racing
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 6.56.0
Size 150M
Require Android 4.4

MOD information

  • Unlimited Money

What's new

Hotfixes and performance improvements.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator Description

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK uses the most basic knowledge for players to practice driving or enjoy driving the most modern vehicle models.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the most exciting platform car racing game today. This is one of the best car racing platforms racing games available. The game will provide you with truly advanced and preeminent physics engines in the market. This is a racing game full of all the features and characteristics that players can use when participating in the most dramatic and exciting racing arenas. If you are passionate about extreme sports racing, this is one of the gaming platforms you cannot ignore. Join to explore and experience this game for the best entertainment moments.


It can be said that, in the current mobile games market, racing is one of the games chosen by many users to satisfy their passion as well as serve their needs of relaxation and entertain themself. Therefore, more and more racing games appear on the market, but most of these games do not offer guaranteed quality or features. That’s why very few games bring everyone satisfaction. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is also one of the new racing games on the market, but different from other games, it gives all players the best feeling along with the quality. Perfect quantity to meet all the needs that players need.

When participating in the experience and exploring this game, all players will be directly involved in the simulation of the sports cars they love. This is one of the exciting features that this game brings, allowing you to have an authentic experience with cars. Once you have successfully simulated the car you want, you will participate in direct driving that car and feel the exciting feelings of sitting in a sports car completely free. The car that you simulate is also the main tool to participate in fierce racing battles. Become a powerful racer in all the tournaments you participate in, so you can easily win important victories on the challenging tracks ahead.

One interesting thing in this game is that the player does not need to press the brake pedal during the racing process because of traffic problems or other opponents’ racing cars. Because our game will assist players in performing all illegal actions during the racing process. This allows all players to develop the skills and strengths of each racing car easily. At the same time, the player can also efficiently run at high speed without fear of being chased by the police.


In the game Extreme Car Driving Simulator, players will be involved in races in charming cities. In these races, players will have to confront extremely powerful racers and extremely fierce races. So our game system will give you a lot of features to assist players in the racing process, creating conditions for players to maximize their racing game abilities. Players will be provided with a highly flexible and modern Mini game mode checkpoint. This checkpoint will assist players instrumentally in the process of players having problems on the track.

There will be a lot of new features updated, such as the driving system with citywide traffic modes. You can also be provided with gear revs and speed, factors that will give you an upper hand on fierce racetracks. The player can also easily turn off all the inappropriate features through the installation system that the application sets up. There are also many other features that players will experience when participating directly in the races.


Extreme Car Driving Simulator game is a great car racing platform, so all the elements in this game bring something exciting and memorable for the player. In particular, the outstanding advantages will help players experience the game easily and better than ever. When participating in this game experience, you will discover a sports environment with a detailed open world.

All the damage related to the car will be statistically very delicate and specific. This will help players be able to grasp the status of their vehicle so that they can promptly repair and upgrade. All the parameters and elements in this game are incredibly accurate. The player can easily control his racing car through a steering wheel, accelerometer, along arrows. There will be a lot of different cameras to serve players during the race.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the most impressive racing tracks ever experienced by every user. Besides, all the feedback and reviews from users are highly positive; most are satisfied with this game’s quality and features. I hope the game will increasingly develop and bring the most remarkable things for all users.


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