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Download Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK (Unlocked All) v3.7.8 for Android

App name Extreme Landings Pro
Package it.rortos.extremelandingspro
MOD Unlocked All
Version 3.7.8
Size 490M
Require Android 5.0

MOD Information

– Unlocked all levels
– Unlocked all shop items
– Unlocked all level challenges
– Ads disabled

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Extreme Landings Pro Description

Download Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) version for free at MODDROID to enjoy realistic flying experience on your Android phone.

Introducing Extreme Landings Pro

Extreme Landings Pro is developed by Rorots – a company that has a lot of experience in developing flight simulation games. One of the earlier products that you may know is AirFighters, F18 Carrier Landing, Extreme Landings, Real Flight Simulator or Extreme Landings Pro that I am recommending. As can be seen, most of them are paid games, but there are millions of people who have already paid to get the experience offered by Rorots.

Become a pilot and experience flights as realistic as they are in reality. Extreme Landings Pro is more than just entertainment, it also provides you with skills and knowledge on how to deal with emergencies, or unexpected incidents.

Graphics and sound

The reason I mentioned the visual graphics first, because this is the highlight not only of this game, but also of the simulation genre in general. They always attract players with vivid, realistic graphics on the 3D platform. And it can be affirmed that, Extreme Landings Pro is one of the products that owns the best graphics in this genre.

When starting to experience Extreme Landings Pro, you will be impressed by the vibrancy through each image it brings. The cockpit is designed in detail, simulating quite close to the real-life aircraft steering system. Besides the experience of being a pilot, you can also explore new landscapes around the world with a completely different aerial perspective.

The sound in Extreme Landings Pro is a plus. The listening part is meticulously elaborated by the publisher, simulating each wind tear, the sound of the environment, mixed with the roar of the engine when taking off / landing.


Airplanes are one of the machines that show the infinite wisdom and creativity of mankind. They are huge in size, and to operate this “iron bird” is not simple at all. To be able to fly a plane fluently, you have to get used to the control system and many complex engines.

You will have to tilt the phone left to turn left, do the same thing to turn right. In order for the plane to take off, it must tilt up and down to land. In my personal opinion, landing is much more difficult than taking off. To be able to land correctly and safely, you must align your speed, direction, and altitude so you don’t get out of your control area.

In addition, you also need to be mentally prepared to overcome unexpected incidents. If you want to conquer Extreme Landings Pro, my advice is that you should learn some aircraft parameters. They are very useful to you in quests.

Reading this far, you will think this game is very difficult to control. However, Rorots has taken this into account, and has adjusted to reduce the complexity of the cockpit controls, but still retain the practicality. If you are experiencing the flight simulation game for the first time, Extreme Landings Pro will provide you with a mode to get used to the system control system through tutorial and test driving modes. Once you get used to it, you can explore the other features of Extreme Landings Pro on your own. I guess, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never want to land!

Many interesting challenges

Flying an airplane is not simply about controlling the plane from one place to another. Extreme Landings Pro also offers many challenges to give you the most exciting experience. You will experience more than 30 typical situations that often occur in real life. And as far as I know, there are 216 small challenges that happen on the way. Every time you complete the challenge, the player will receive attractive rewards.

Travel through famous landmarks around the world, stopping at more than 500 famous airports.

The challenges while flying the plane become even more difficult when combined with weather elements. Be strong when weathering thunderstorms, thunder, rain, snow or even take your plane through fierce storms.

Not only do external factors affect, you also have to deal with problems inside the plane that may arise. Lots of dangerous situations such as engine failure, out of fuel, broken wheels, etc. Try to master the steering wheel and bring your guests to the ground safely.

Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlock All: The MOD version of MODDROID works like a Pro version. It unlocks all content, planes, and in-game modes.


This game is not only suitable for entertainment, it also provides players with a huge amount of information and practical knowledge about the things that pilots need to care about. With the exciting features that Extreme Landings Pro offers, this game deserves to be rated as one of the best simulation games for Android phones.


Download Extreme Landings Pro (MOD, Unlocked All) for Android


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