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App name Family Island
Package com.MelsoftGames.FamilyIslandFarm
Version 2022198.1.21236
Size 437M
Require Android 5.0



  • Throw Lizzy a magical birthday party on Unicorn Island!
  • Sail to the Macawrnival Islands, help Archie the macaw bury the hatchet with Boodar the witch, and throw an awesome party!
  • Awaken the sacred tree on Cherry Tree Island and save Master Tsuru’s Flower Festival!
  • Play the continuation of Jenna’ story at level 60!


  • Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Put on a play, ride amazing rides, ride a whirlwind, discover the mysteries of the shamans, and a whole lot more!
  • Save penguins from an icy prison, rescue Rudy from Boodar’s schemes, fly to the stars with Taul the octopus, and celebrate two weddings on Home Island!

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Family Island Description

Family Island APK is a city-building game with a friendly and peaceful concept for players to relax and entertain with many funny mini-games.

Introducing about Family Island

Modern technology is what makes people’s lives more comfortable than ever. It is impossible to deny the benefits of advanced technology to people, and they are created by humans to serve their own lives. But people are increasingly dependent on technology, causing them to lose their inherent instincts. Have you ever imagined that one day without technology, your life would be okay? Do you ask yourself how our ancestors lived without the help of technology? Everyone has once imagined it like that, but we often forget that question and continue to immerse ourselves in technology.

All answers will be answered in the Family Island, the game developed by Melsoft Games. This is a game company that has been established since 2008, but they have a lot of famous games such as Toy Defense Fantasy, Toy Defense 2… All these games are all well-known and received a lot of audience favourite. Coming to the game this time, you will experience human life in Stone Age. What will they do to survive in an era without the aid of modern technology?


Players will return to the Stone Age when humans still have a simple lifestyle and must survive by foraging. You will be a companion of a family of 4 members, including a couple of Bruce and Eva with a son and a daughter. They were lost on a deserted island in the middle of the sea, and they don’t have any useful things to help them. At first, after arriving on this island, they felt challenging because once they got used to the technology life, it would be difficult to return to the wildlife. But they have no other way, and if they want to survive, the only way is to awaken the instinct hidden in each person. Will they be able to survive on this deserted island? All questions will be answered in this game, come and accompany the family of Bruce and Eva.


The game’s gameplay is straightforward and somewhat similar to farm games such as Happy Farm, players will cultivate and raise animals themselves to create food. The only task of the player when coming to the game is to help Bruce’s family can survive and help them have positive thoughts about this. Initially, there will only be a barren land without life, and players should renovate those lands so they can be cultivated. The gameplay of the game is simple but highly addictive, and players will have to be fascinated by the gameplay from the first time playing the game.

In addition to cultivating food crops such as rice, wheat … the player also needs to raise animals to get meat from them. Animals such as pigs, cows, goats … players will initially have to use traps to be able to catch them. After being able to catch them, the player can tame to turn them into their pets to have more fun moments. You also have responsibilities such as reaping the crops when they are ripe and will have to feed your pets so they can mature. The gameplay of the game is simple but will bring players exciting moments when playing the game.


Technology Development

Players can use their modern-day knowledge to be able to build more modern facilities. But these things will make the lives of the characters in the game so much easier. The facilities that players can create, such as houses, kitchens, outdoor play areas … to be able to make live more fun and eliminate negative thoughts. But to be able to build these facilities, the player will have to collect the necessary materials such as wood, stone, leather …


Besides building these facilities, the player It is also possible to upgrade its facilities to make them more modern. Initially, the player will only be able to construct simple facilities and only use it for shelter. Once upgraded, these will become things that both housing and have fun while bored. But to do these things, players will also have to use a lot of materials.


The game has 2D graphics format extremely lively and colourful to be able to attract the eyes of the player. The effects of the game are also beautifully polished to give the player the best experience. Come to Family Island to be able to experience the exciting adventures of stone age people.


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