FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Download FarmVille 2: Country Escape MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Keys) v20.4.7852 for Android

App name FarmVille 2: Country Escape
Package com.zynga.FarmVille2CountryEscape
MOD Unlimited Money/Keys
Version 20.4.7852
Size 149M
Require Android 4.4

MOD information

  • Free farm shop
  • Free barn upgrades
  • Free craft
  • Free seed
  • Free unlocked

What's new

ALL NEW EVENT: Build a playhouse of joy with Angela and Claus!
READY your farm for the Artful Angela and Crafty Claus!
ADVANCE through 6 phases to earn rewards like Keys, Padlocks & more.
WIN the Fuzzy Foxy reward farmhand for 30 days.

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Description

FarmVille 2 MOD APK will give players a memorable adventure full of joy but exciting, refreshing, and comfortable when accompanied by lovely friends. The highlight of the game is also the complex farm system, along with many interesting activities or mini-games to keep players entertained. Its content is also free and is constantly updated to diversify gameplay or give players newer content to explore.


The player’s journey to escape the hustle and bustle of the city leads them to an abandoned farm. Therefore, FarmVille 2 wants players to rebuild a private paradise and create a prosperous and flourishing atmosphere to start a new life as a friendly farmer. That process will also continuously expand as the player progresses, and new content for the farm will open up significantly,

The farm building process is also complicated, as the player must grow crops, decorate each area, raise livestock and poultry, or do any other similar things. In the future, the player’s farm will have more facilities to improve work productivity or create more convenient items. It also allows them to trade with neighboring towns, and they will always receive a lot of money based on the amount of supply they provide or ship to each place.


The player’s interaction mechanism is also light and flexible, as they only need to tap and drag the tools around to let them work automatically. Depending on the crop or livestock they are raising, the interaction will be different; even the player must raise them to provide the necessary food to speed up production. An endless loop of players in this game will revolve around planting, tending, and harvesting to develop the entire farm gradually.

Besides taking care of the farm, players can explore around and unlock new lands for resource extraction. All player interaction is delicate and friendly, and even the game will automatically perform some processes for absolute comfort. Many mini-games will also gradually open up for entertainment, and they all have simple mechanisms for players to collect many excellent rewards.


Players can expand their farm or plots endlessly over time, and FarmVille 2 will continuously unlock new content for the player to diversify the entire farm. New things like production facilities, storage, tools, and new plot types will open up to take the player’s production progress to new heights. Not only that, they can comfortably move everything to a new location, thereby decorating or organizing the areas neatly so that the farm has a unique beauty.

Special tools or facilities also have impressive uses, helping players produce many new things to trade or craft. All things have their value, and players need to manage them to prepare for many vital processes. Moreover, when built, special types of buildings also require a large number of resources. They always create a lot of complicated work for the player to continuously expand the farm significantly.


These mini-games are seen as additional content for players to relax and take care of a large farm. Their content is diverse and rich, along with many regular activities that only appear on the farm, such as fishing, horseback riding, slot machines, friendly activities, and more. All of that content has generous rewards so that players can develop a more flourishing and vibrant farm than ever before.

New content is regularly released during special weeks and comes with loads of rare rewards for players to collect. As they complete the mini-games, they will receive special tokens, redeeming for even more rare rewards at the store. Of course, participation in mini-games also involves other players, from which the game constantly organizes competitions for everyone to build great moments together.


The fascinating thing about FarmVille 2 is that it allows players to build a farm with friends or family freely. The joint farms are typically larger, and players can form a merchant guild and exchange goods with other guilds or nearby towns. It’s an outstanding mechanism, and at the same time, allows people to support each other or exchange the materials needed to build shared buildings.

FarmVille 2 mainly focuses on endless entertainment as players immerse themselves in the familiar activities of modern farms. The game also has a large amount of vibrant content for all players to always look for attractive rewards, even accompanying friends in building giant farms. On top of that, its visual quality is also top-notch and sophisticated, promising to bring the most peaceful, refreshing, and euphoric feelings to players.


Download FarmVille 2: Country Escape (MOD, Unlimited Money/Keys) for Android


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