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App name Forward Assault
Package com.blayzegames.newfps
MOD Map Hack
Version 1.2028
Size 355M
Require Android 4.4

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Forward Assault Description

Quality FPS games on mobile are now are very much. And it doesn’t stop there, some games have also developed the large-scale open shooting arena and achieved great popularity, as is the case with Forward Assault MOD APK.

Introduce about Forward Assault

Become the leader of a swat team to take down criminals!

Forward Assault, the best FPS game for mobile

Forward Assault published by Blayze Games, L.L.C, is currently one of the famous FPS games on mobile, not only thanks to its attractive shooting style, realistic images but also the epic online shooting arena.

As you all know, mobile games are increasingly developing, which can be called the future of the gaming world. All kinds of crammed genres appear on this handy platform, of course, in which shooting is indispensable. And it even reaches a new level with the multiplayer mode, aka Team Deathmatch, which is like shooter games on PC. That means you can choose sides: side with the police against the gang, or become an outlaw criminal against the world.

Forward Assault is developed in this direction. Not many games can do this. So it’s clear that Forward Assault has a pretty prominent starting point, emerging as a representative for this modern game series on mobile.

But nothing can change the core of a shooter. If the combat is exciting, but the gameplay does not have a long-term attractive element, it will not be able to keep gamers playing. However, Forward Assault has both of these elements.

Rare realistic shooting mechanics

Forward Assault has an extremely sensitive and accurate gun operating mechanism. Each gun is delicately 3D depicted from every angle, when holding it in the hand, you can feel its weight. Each time the trigger is pulled, the barrel recoils, the gun butt is raised slightly, causing the character’s hand to have a certain recoil corresponding to each type of gun. It is the feeling of recoil from the hands due to the influence of the gun when shooting, not the effect of raising the barrel to simulate the recoil mode like many other FPS games. To be honest, up to this point, although I have played quite a few shooting games, few games can simulate real physics like this.

The number of weapons in Forward Assault also impressed me. From the AK-47 to the Desert Eagle, from the M4 to the Vector, each gun comes with its own ammunition, each gun is different in bullets and firepower. Along with the real feeling of holding the gun in your hand, no matter how difficult it is, you must also recognize that Forward Assault is both highly challenging and convenient to control.

All weapons in Forward Assault are divided into rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and machine guns. In each group, there are many different types of guns. Each gun has different parameters such as damage, recoil, range, number of bullets, etc. You can choose the type of gun that suits the play scene or how the opponents hiding in the arena. But the best way I see is still to focus on playing well with one weapon and then move on to another. It also takes a while to get used to each gun.

When playing, in addition to shooting well, you need to master the available skills of the character: running, hiding, distracting, and aiming. Let’s discuss battle tactics with your teammates and try to make use of each character’s strength to do the job well, contributing to the team’s victory. A team can divide members into offensive and defensive or counter-attacking groups. During the game, members can quickly exchange with each other through the game’s Chat team feature to alert or have urgent changes in tactics.

Graphics and sound

Forward Assault uses Unity 3D graphics engine, so the movement of both characters, enemies, bullets, and recoil of weapons is extremely well. The 3D scene in Forward Assault is not too complicated and full of risks like in a PC shooter, but in return, the scene is well processed, the colors are reasonable, making the feeling so real. You can sit and play for a long time without feeling tired and bored. Not to mention each level will have a completely different scene, the constantly changing sense of challenge also makes the game more exciting.

The sound in Forward Assault is also quite impressive, especially when firing machine guns. The battlefield is always noisy and resounding. Remember to add speakers or attach headphones to enjoy this feeling, guys. If you have good speakers, you can even hear the direction of the enemy’s footsteps, which previously only had in PC shooting.

MOD APK version of Forward Assault

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Map Hack


In short, Forward Assault is an online FPS game that is very worth playing. The game’s realism, physics simulation, sound, and attractive shooting mechanism will surely surprise you.


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