Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQs

What is APK file?

APK stands for Android Package. APK is the file format of the app/game that you can install directly on your Android phone.
APK files are especially useful when you want to install MOD games/apps or in case your phone does not have Google Play.

What is MOD APK file?

MOD means “Modified”. Basically, the MOD APK file is the original APK file that has been modified to change some features according to the user’s purpose (hacking money in the game, unlocking items, unlocking characters, unlocking paid features…).

Are MOD APK files on MODDROID.CC safe?

100%. Our developers always test carefully before uploading. You can download and use it without worrying about security.
In case your Android phone or security apps warn, you should understand that the reason is because the signature of the MOD game/app has been changed from the original version.

How does MODDROID work?

MODDROID compiles and publishes the best games and apps based on trends and requests from users.

You can then browse through the games and apps catalog to find the ones that suit your needs.

MODDROID takes feedback from you and other lovely users to continue to upgrade, improve the playing field as well as the quality of MOD versions posted in the future.

Download FAQs?

The download link is broken?

Since we use caching and the server has special sync functionality, sometimes some newly posted games will have broken links for a few minutes. You can try again in about 5-10 minutes. If after a long time the download link still fails, this is definitely a mistake in the editor’s link import process (possibly because he is sleepy).
Dont forget let us know by comment below the article!

What is OBB? How to install?

OBB is like the game’s DLC, you just need to unzip it to the “Android / obb” folder in the memory. The game will work properly. We rarely post an OBB, however, as it is already integrated into the INSTALLER APK as we mentioned earlier.

How to install game have APK and OBB

1. Download apk and OBB of the game
2. Extract the OBB, copy the OBB folder to the “Android/obb” path. A correct OBB path would look like “Android/obb/com.madfingergames.legends”. Here, “com.madfingergames.legends” is package name – the folder contains obb files.
3. Install APK file and run

MOD not working or any problem?

We always do thorough testing before posting games and apps. Please read carefully before the instructions that include “MOD Info?” “Important!”, “Installation Guides”, or somthing like this in the head of article. If it still doesn’t work, report it back to us.

Error “App not installed”?

This usually happens when you already have the original version or version downloaded on another website on your device. To fix it, please delete the app or game (remember to backup data if necessary), then reinstall our apk file