Garena Free Fire MAX

Download Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK (Mega Menu) v2.93.1 for Android

App name Garena Free Fire MAX
Package com.dts.freefiremax
MOD Mega Menu
Version 2.93.1
Size 895M
Require Android 4.1

MOD Information


  • Reset Guest


  • WallHack
  • WallChams


  • Aimbot
  •  Aim On Scope
  • Aim On Fire
  • Visible Check
  • FOV Size° 0 – 360 °
  • Aim Smooth 0 – 10


  • Show Entity Count
  • 360 Alert
  • Draw Line
  • Settings Line Position [Top, Right , Bottom, Left
  • Box
  • Name,
  • Health
  • Distance


  • GrenadeLine
  • GrenadeLine Color
  • Material
  • Line Material
  • Name & Distance
  • Fake Name [By Platinmods]


  • TeleKill
  • MassKill
  • Teleport Car
  • Ghost Hack


  • MedKit Run
  • No Fog
  • No Reload
  • No Parachute

What's new?

  1. Clash Squad Season 14 – Begins on 7/21, 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. New look & feel! UI complete revamp.
  3. Daily mission update: new interface and more rewards.
  4. Battle Royale mode optimization.
  5. Quick deploy of Gloo Walls.
  6. New spinner selector for Med Kits, Grenades, and Quick Msg.
  7. Character skill rework: Miguel.
  8. New Weapon: Bizon.

Garena Free Fire MAX Screenshots

Garena Free Fire MAX Description

Garena Free Fire MAX APK version has been officially released on Android. Download the game and participate in the most exciting survival battles on mobile.

Introduce about Garena Free Fire MAX

After PUBG, Garena Free Fire is one of the famous survival games that many people love. Although its graphics have been designed in line with modern trends, many players are eager to get more.

Thanks to that premise, Garena Free Fire MAX was developed like an upgrade of its predecessor. GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE is also gradually proving its position in the game development industry, when they provide fans with extremely quality products.

An improved version of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire MAX is a standalone game with Garena Free Fire. But in essence, the game is a graphical upgrade and optimizes the player’s experience. If you have a device with a powerful enough configuration, Garena Free Fire MAX will bring you more realistic and fierce battles than the previous version.

Basically, Garena Free Fire MAX is not much different from the original game. It can even connect directly to Garena Free Fire’s server. Thanks to that, everyone can play together, team-up together even though they are using two different versions.

Furthermore, you can also use your previously registered account to log into Garena Free Fire MAX. All play progress is saved. The same goes for character data, items, and other achievements.

Finally, we have a conclusion that Garena Free Fire MAX is a graphical upgrade, has been optimized. Graphics are rendered at Ultra HD resolution, effects and images are also redesigned, more spectacular and more realistic.

Become the last survival

Garena Free Fire MAX is not a role-playing game, but it is integrated with a setting, opening up fierce battles around the world.

When human technology reaches its limit, every force wants to become a ruler. They split into three factions: Cybernetica, Liberation and Future Horizon.

Cybernetica is a gathering place for master hackers. They always try to steal information from the other two factions, ultimately making up a story and making them bad guys in the eyes of the people.

The Liberation is a totalitarian political organization. They try to eliminate the weak, in order to create a world consisting of only the strong.

Future Horizon is a government organization. In which, the leadership team is the most powerful people in the world. They created the Free Fire project, kidnapped the core members of the other two factions to create a war of survival.

Play with your friends

Garena Free Fire MAX retains the old gameplay, 50 people, 10 minutes and one last survivor.

The military plane will transport all players to a map. Players need to determine where they want to land and parachute into that area. Try to move quickly, looking for support tools, equipment and weapons to face the enemy.

Over time of the battle, the circle continually shrinks. Players need to move into the safe area so that they won’t be drained by poison. Cars or motorbikes are also very useful, they help to move faster. But in return, the engine will emit a sound, attracting the attention of surrounding enemies.


Up to now, Garena Free Fire MAX is the mobile survival game that has the most modes I’ve ever known. It has up to 9 game modes, including Battle Royale, Speed War, Clash Squad, Bomb Squad, Capture Points, Collect Cards, Master Weapons and Practice.

In it, Battle Royale is the main game mode, where every player participates in the war of survival to become the last survivor.

The second most notable mode is Weapons Master. In it, the team members need to support each other to defeat the opponent’s group, to accumulate points to upgrade to a new weapon. For those who have experienced Call of Duty: Mobile, they will find this mode quite similar to Gun King mode.

Bomb Squad is also an interesting mode that you can experience with your friends. When the match starts, each member will be given 5 gold to buy equipment and weapons. Team A is tasked with placing bombs, Team B will stop Team A’s plan. Until the bomb explodes, or members of either team are defeated, the battle will be over. And the other thing is that all equipment and weapons will be reset when the new round begins.


Download Garena Free Fire MAX (MOD, Mega Menu) for Android


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