GRID Autosport

Download GRID Autosport APK v1.9.1RC4 for Android

App name GRID Autosport
Package com.feralinteractive.gridas
Version 1.9.1RC4
Size 74M
Require Android 9


  • Adds a new Arrow Touch Pro control option
  • Adds a new Throttle Slider option for controlling acceleration
  • Adds support for the following gamepads: Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation DualSense
  • Adds rumble support
  • Adds a master volume option to the audio settings
  • Fixes a number of minor issues

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GRID Autosport Description

GRID Autosport APK is a new generation racing game with many intense races or challenging activities to encourage players to become the best racers.

Racing video games bring very positive emotions to the players because in fact it offers competitive contests and makes people happy immediately. Everything life pressure and sadness will soon be forgotten. Instead, they focus their energies and turns and speed up. GRID Autosport is a new game that has just arrived at the Appstore under Feral Interactive Ltd.’s release. This is the first development product in the field of this racing game. But the publisher confirmed that it would be the same quality as a game console.

Console-quality racing

As Feral stated, GRID Autosport will have a relatively high level of graphics compared to other products of the same category. Players will quickly feel full 3D graphics and design sharp cars to detail. In fact, this feature requires that any game that wants to become a blockbuster must meet. So GRID Autosport will have differences that make players admire. The manufacturer has simplified the gadgets on the screen to maximize the racing experience. There will be a simple map on the screen, on the left side of the map. It will be as blurring as possible, only showing the short distance near you. And the cars that run on the screen are made to be just a black dot.

Besides, the right will be a clock that shows the speed as well as the amount of remaining fuel as well as some critical indicators to monitor the situation of the vehicle. You will not be able to serve the cockpit view so you can only play on the 3rd perspective. The angle of view will look skyward a bit, and the view will expand forward so you can see a lot of things: the sky, the cheerleader and the charming atmosphere of a race.

GRID Autosport will work with very good graphics on the iPad, iPhone, Samsung so if you use that device, you can feel all the developers’ effort. Everything will turn very fast so a lot of pixels along with a wide angle will be suitable for you. If you download this game on the AppStore for $ 9.99, it will be worth it.

From super-easy to ultra-realistic, you set the bar and handle the car

With GRID Autosport, the gameplay is also quite simple when players will compete with all the remaining riders to become the fastest map. But what is worth noting here is that the player will own 100 extremely beautiful and carefully designed cars. Players will control the vehicles they own to race on more than 100 circuits that the manufacturer has set for them. Each segment will bring a different experience, but the thrill of air and the cheering of the audience are watching around.

GRID Autosport’s control system will be extremely intuitive so that players can easily race attractive laps. Players will use the MFi gamepad to experience the feel of a game console, or it can be tweaked to the touch and tilt system to make it easier to feel a real steering wheel. But practice getting used to control because the challenge will be much more difficult later. The road section will expand more; the corners will appear more and more difficult to guess so that a good feeling will help much more.


Download GRID Autosport APK for Android


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