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App name Heart's Medicine
Package com.gamehouse.hm4gp
Version 49.0.318
Size 367M
Require Android 4.4

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Heart’s Medicine Description

Heart’s Medicine is a game that revolves around the story of a doctor named Allison, and the player will help her treat the patients that appear. These patients have completely different problems that need to be examined and taken care of, and medical instruments are always ready to be used. In addition, some diseases need to be dealt with quickly and accurately if you want to get good results.

Introducing about Heart’s Medicine

Heart’s Medicine’s story begins when they see Allison in a bad mood standing in front of the mirror. She remembers the unfortunate events and how the plague appeared at her hospital. Simultaneously, because of the pressure from the bad things that happened to her, she was empty and could only sit on the chair before the window with a bad look. But everything has opportunities, and it is in Allison’s case.

After learning about what happened to Allison, the player will be able to return to the event three months ago, and that’s a new opportunity where she can start over. The player will accompany her when facing different patient cases and finding ways to cure them with what is available at the hospital. At the same time, you will find the busyness of a doctor’s work when the number of characters constantly appears that requires you to take care of them correctly.


As the player approaches the first level in Heart’s Medicine, the player will see the first patients appear. Information appears immediately after and manifests under a specific image like they want to sit in a chair. At the same time, you need to touch the corresponding position to control the character’s actions, and you will need to navigate Allison’s activities for her to do different activities. Indeed, the character will move to different locations in the game.

After sitting in the necessary position, Allison’s work officially began when he came to check on the condition of some patients. Some can leave immediately after the check, but others need to go to the hospital bed so the player can take better care of them. At the same time, there will also be items that appear nearby and require the player to move quickly. Every patient has a certain level of patience that players need to adhere to.

At the request of each character, there is attached a time bar that will gradually change color and notify you of the time remaining to heal the patient. At the same time, the number of patients can be consecutive, and you will need to prioritize the important ones first to complete the level well. Each has a point system and star system that you need to collect and pass the screen in the best way.


  • Players will see a terrible scenario that Allison once faced, and they will return about three months ago and help with her business.
  • She will see patients with different illnesses that she can examine and provide care in different ways depending on the illness.
  • Each patient has a timeline that comes with requirements that the player will need to take care of accurately and quickly.
  • Health items will appear in front of the player, and the player will navigate the character’s movements quickly and replenish them.
  • Players will constantly see patients with new diseases appear, and they will try to adapt and prioritize those that matter.

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