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App name Hide Online
Package com.hitrock.hideonline
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Version 4.9.2
Size 54M
Require Android 4.4

MOD information

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Bypassed autoban

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Hide Online MOD APK an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre.

The gaming industry is a source of creativity, and at the same time, it uses daily life elements to develop into countless perfect games. In particular, the hide-n-seek is the most popular and familiar to everyone, and almost everyone’s childhood is always experiencing this folk game. But few people know that it is the source of many of today’s hide-and-seek games, but with important improvements and novelties to bring to players funniest moments. This article will introduce Hide Online – Hunters vs. Props, a hide-and-seek variation but widely loved by millions of players worldwide. This game is the most vibrant and friendly playground, and each session can accommodate hundreds of people at once.


Hide Online has successfully created a hide-and-seek variation to build the friendliest and most vibrant playground for everyone. Therefore, the game will have many simple rules and make the game more exciting. Furthermore, instead of becoming humanoid creatures, the player can become props, taking objects in the environment to hide from hunters. It’s a new element in the hide-and-seek game, and things get more fun when players can become whatever they want and hide in different places. Even many successful props get into small and narrow corners, completely out of sight of the hunters. Just like that, the game constantly introduces new game modes and uses the element of variations to bring players the most entertaining content.


The game’s content is understandable, all players will be divided into two main teams, Hunters and Props, and the two teams’ goals are different. In it, Hunters have the task of destroying all Props in a limited time, and they will have access to a wide variety of weapons for entertainment. However, Hunters have one feature and the advantage of Props that is every time they attack objects in the environment, there is a chance they will lose health if it is not Props. Therefore, Hunters need to locate Props through sound and kill themselves if they check blindly. Just like that, in each subsequent match, the player’s positions will be swapped and exchanged between Hunters vs. Props.


While Hunters can use long-range weapons for tracking, Props can transform into any object they see in the environment. In other words, it is the ability to replicate the appearance and can be applied to anything in the environment of whatever size they want. However, the game made the Props always ping every 15 seconds to signal the position, and that was the best balance against the Props hiding too well. Making the location exposed makes the Props active and constantly change positions, making each game fun and entertaining. Unlike Hunters, Props can uses skills for a few seconds, but players need to buy more from the store if used up. The abilities will allow Props to stun Hunters in the area for 5 seconds or allow them to teleport to a random location on the map.


Hide Online’s gameplay is continuously transformed and diversified thanks to the extra game modes introduced every week. Although they are limited, their entertainment is higher and noisier than the original game mode, and even Hunters can destroy each other, or Props can use weapons to chase Hunters. Everything can happen depending on the game mode, making the gameplay more vibrant and richer for players to enjoy. Besides, when participating in the extra modes, the player will have the opportunity to receive many additional rewards, which is a good opportunity to collect special items for free.


Costumes for Hunters are always what makes sessions more fun, and it is also an opportunity for developers to show their creativity to players. What’s impressive about the outfits is their effects and the highly reactive based on different situations. From there, players will have an incentive to collect loads of special outfits, and even all of them are easy to collect, most of which comes from the extra modes or events. The game will also introduce personalization and costume customization, allowing players to design a special outfit they like best. Hide Online is an example of the endless creativity in using available elements to develop into a perfect game. Few doubts that players can transform into objects and flee in panic from the Hunters’ seek, even prank them so hard. On the contrary, players will feel refreshed when using comfortable weapons to destroy objects or entertain with friends in an interactive and vibrant environment. If you love casual games with high entertainment, this game will be the place you come and enjoy.


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