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App name Idle Space Business Tycoon
Package com.RAWorks.BM
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
Version 2.0.99
Size 85M
Require Android 4.4

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Idle Space Business Tycoon Description

Want to become a wealthy tycoon earning idle coins? Or want to become a space market manager and automate tycoon processes by researching modern, large-capacity machines to increase your income, a suggestion for you is an Idle Space Business Tycoon MOD APK. This game contains elements of a talented businessman and combines many fun and exciting elements that will surely help you relax after tiring working hours.


Idle Space Business Tycoon attracts players with its attractive and engaging storyline. Players need to open manufacturing businesses, upgrade them, create goods, and trade with other galactic corporations. Research technology, upgrade your artificial intelligence AI, fulfill special orders and build the Great Citadel in this idle game. Accelerate work efficiency to get more money. At the same time, your business field is very diverse in many different directions such as Mining ore, producing food, supplying luxury goods… Players must explore their own using their skills to scale up production and create a space business empire. Invest in departments at the office for more opportunities to increase profits. During playing, idle coins are created; the more you own, the easier it is to overcome challenges, and it is easier to invest in space to conquer the universe.


Idle Space Business Tycoon is a game that received high praise from players by building simple gameplay with, highly stimulating nature. The beautiful thing here is that the game gives players a high level of exploration; many challenges occur in a row and create modern machines only in science fiction. Therefore, players need to change flexibly and have such a management mind to increase their business efficiency and bring high profits. In addition to participating in business missions, players also have to research interesting new spaceships and manage fleets of spaceships, hangars, crews … to earn idle money. The higher you go, the more complex the challenges, challenging to conquer, require players to apply skills, management abilities, improve AI to collect gold coins to overcome challenges to new levels.


Idle Space Business Tycoon and participating in production and business tasks also have to participate in adventures traveling around space with full missions. Players will encounter technology, science fiction, modern machines … The player’s task is to overcome these challenges, increase business efficiency and earn a lot of idle money. To win, players must know how to use management skills, have investment knowledge… At the same time, the tasks in each plot are incredibly diverse and rich, so players are always fascinated and not bored when playing for a long time. Finally, players are mastered, become the wealthiest tycoon, manage employees … overcome the challenge of collecting valuable items.

Idle Space Business Tycoon is a game that combines elements of real experience, adventure, and discovery. Exciting gameplay, diverse tasks, intelligent techniques, … are the feelings when you experience this game.


Idle Space Business Tycoon is an incremental game like simulation games where you can become a space business tycoon. Open businesses, build your factory, upgrade them, produce goods, trade with galaxy corporations and create your idle farming empire. Let’s start space exploring for research technologies! It helps you upgrade your AI, fulfill special orders and build great Citadel in this idle game. Speed up businesses to get more money or just collect idle cash income, even when you offline, earn money with your space farm even without wifi.

If you like popular management or economy games, where you build and upgrade own space business empire and become the richest tycoon – this is game for you. That cosmic sim getting you easy but interesting gameplay, aside other clicker games here you can do space exploration and feel yourself in future.

Open business in different directions: ore mining, food production, luxury supplying and others. Manage and upgrade businesses to create your space business empire. Open departments at your office to get more opportunities. Own AI that improves automation also increases your profit including idle income. Create your idle space farm to grow from zero to hero!

This Sci-Fi universe is waiting for you, let’s space exploration. As a business tycoon, think over your upgrading strategy – produce goods yourself, increase production capacity, accelerate base building, or simply buy goods on the global market. Spend a lot of time in the game, making a lot of money, or be a lazy tycoon and only collect idle cash income. If there is not enough game money, simply get bank credits. This is not just a clicker or an idle or a tapping game, it’s like a business simulator game.

A lot of modern games require internet connection or even wifi, if they download a lot of data. So no possibility to play if you are offline. In this idle tycoon game is possible to play even if you don’t have an internet connection, there may be no wifi aroundes or you are at the underground. But if not offline you can compete with other players and see their progress.


  • Beautiful Sci-Fi style
  • Research technologies
  • Open departments in the office
  • Upgrade businesses. It’s also increase idle cash income. You can explore a many upgrades for expand.
  • Improve AI
  • Interesting economy strategy game
  • Speed up tapping. To speed up businesses just use tap tap technique. Clicking faster to earn more money with your space business.
  • Love games that don’t need wi-fi, no internet required games? That’s it! Enjoy this idle game even if you are offline.

Become the greatest space business tycoon ever!


Download Idle Space Business Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) for Android


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