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App name Make More!
Package com.fingersoft.makemore
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 3.5.10
Size 36M
Require Android 4.4

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Make More! Description

Make More! MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Bad Crane, where you witness the formation and operation of a factory business model. Both difficult and easy, both strange and familiar. A lot of experiences, interesting feelings you get from this cute game.

Introduce about Make More!

Idle Manager!

The work is not new, but the way to build things is very attractive

Building, operating, managing and developing a factory is probably not too difficult. Anyway, through daily news, you have heard a lot about factory models. They bring us from basic necessities to other unique products.

But if you are a factory owner or a manager, things will be very different. Make More! set the scene like that. It feels both strange and familiar. At first glance, you think it’s easy, but when you play it, it’s harder than you think. You will have to review all your thoughts and prejudices about this job.

Things you need to do as a factory operator

In Make More!, you will start with a small factory, with only one worker. From this hard worker, you can make a few small things, of course in small quantities. But you also sell it to a few people. Then the money comes to you in turn. You will hire more workers, increase the number of products, find more output for the product. Then you have more money, to open new factories, upgrade factories. When you have a lot of customers and make a lot of money, you quickly seize the opportunity and speed the process. Turn the small factory into a giant factory with modern machines, even become a global empire.

However, that is just the plan. Game is like life, made to make it difficult for players. Everything has never been so simple and smooth. Each short sentence I wrote above, in order to do it, you need to work hard, sometimes mad to want to throw away the phone.

Manage your factory

What kind of manager do you want to be? In situations of disputes and tensions between workers, the game will give you several options about how to resolve such as playing disco music to reduce stress, increase salaries for employees, and support policies for employees. staff so they can be more motivated to work.

Or do you just want to sit there, shout “make more, make more”, see people working in a messy way? In my opinion, these are very close to reality experiences that few simulation games have come to such a deep level. Rather than the hard lessons in the classroom, right?

In the next phase, when hiring a few dozen workers. What will you face? Salary, bonus, insurance policy, bonus, human resources department, administrative department. And that is just the work related to human resources.

But what you want to aim for is not human resources. You cannot forget the core of the business, for long-term profit you must have truly quality products. Therefore, you have a lot of work to do, such as a plan for new product development, a plan to maintain and improve the quality of an existing product, explore new markets, ensure productivity output policy, maintenance production process, balance between SKUs in the same product line …

And that is I have only listed one stage on the road to becoming a tycoon. Imagine when the number of workers and employees reaches hundreds, how high will your mountain of work have to handle each day.

You need a broader vision to grow and expand your factory

When you expand your company, you have not just one factory, but a chain of factories. Each company has a different product and way of doing things, but you have to make sure everything is as good as it was originally. Hire a number of employees, management experts for each segment of the company.

Players will now need to focus more on macro problems, making a breakthrough with automating all stages by importing expensive production systems. Or consider standardizing processes and productivity by replacing workers with robots at stages that require no thinking but just follow the habit.

And even finding out, hunting and recruiting talented people, famous for both working and polishing the name of the factory, is also a good thing to do.

Graphics and sound

Make More! uses funny 16-bit graphics. Characters in the game are made up of colorful round squares. The background is fresh, fun, but just plain color patches, without perspective, without always complicated elaborate details. Actually, I like it. Very true representation of the tough environment commonly found in factories. This design is also great for helping players focus more on big issues.

In return, the background music in the game is quite playful, youthful and lively, creating a great excitement for the player.

MOD APK version of Make More!

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

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