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App name Modern Combat Versus
MOD Wall Hack
Version 1.17.32
Size 44M
Require Android 5.0

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Modern Combat Versus Description

The best FPS shooter of the year is here. Modern Combat Versus MOD APK is an epic FPS shooting game from the famous Gameloft SE publisher. Let’s see why this game is an epic masterpiece.

Introduce about Modern Combat Versus

Choose your Agent, master your role, and dominate the battlefield with your team!


The gunfights in Modern Combat Versus take place in a futuristic fantasy setting when the Earth has been severely damaged by environmental pollution and humans are gradually perishing. During this exhaustion, it has emerged the two greatest forces in the World. KORP is a powerful corporation that manipulates the entire humans by building a series of “confinement” systems through the cities to confine people in the separate atmosphere before the catastrophic destruction of the Earth. In opposition is the OCTO, a resistance force trying to guerrilla to overthrow the autocracy and selfish dictatorship of KORP and bring back fresh air to humanity.

You will play as a mercenary under the contract of either force. Here, there is no boundary between right and wrong, your only task is to combine with your teammates to fight. The whole game is about shooting like crazy, speedy, and freely. Every movement of the character and the setting must be said to be truly amazing.

What does Modern Combat Versus have?

Modern Combat Versus is an online first-person shooter with the highest level of investment today. Moreover, this is a completely free-to-play game.

There are 21 Agents to role-play and belong to one of four main character classes: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist. Attacker specializes in attack, lightning speed, extremely strong damage. Defenders can support teammates very well, helping to reduce casualties, restore health and defend the rear. The Assassins can kill the enemy immediately just by a few shots but in exchange, they have less health than others. The Specialist has many different abilities including unique skills and powerful weapons, so they can be flexible in each situation very well.

Winning each battle will help you unlock new characters. Each Agent unlocked based on the number of points accumulated later can be customized weapons, skins, and icons. During the battle, to deploy special abilities for the character, you will need to have Core Charges, which are accumulated throughout the game. At the elite level, you will have 10 different Core Charges that can be used at the same time. Note that each special ability will need a different number of Core Charges, so it should be considered to be used appropriately.

Your main task in the game is to fight as a team with 3 online teammates. There are also 4 players on the opposing side. This 4vs4 battle will take place in different scenes, and whichever side defeats the opponent faster will successfully control that area, marking their milestone on the map.

Speaking of maps, it must be added that in Modern Combat Versus, you will have a total of 5 extremely wide maps named Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, Slums, Apex. In each map, there are many other extremely thrilling small play scenes. As I said at the beginning, this shooter game can be called a masterpiece. Although each scene in each map has the common characteristics of that map, it always has a constant change in every corner, making the battle scene attractive to every millimeter.


To make a big change in both gameplay and form, the manufacturer had to provide a series of new features on manipulation to help players play as easily as possible. For example, there is no longer a dot on the opponents like before, now you just need to hold your hand to shoot, it’s very smart and convenient.

Specifically, the operations in Modern Combat Versus are designed so that players can deploy extremely quickly without having to remember or think once they are a bit familiar. Left key to move the character, if you want to run fast, hold in a fixed direction. The keys on the right are for observing and aiming through the double-tap operation. Particularly, the special skills can be used with the button in the bottom center of the screen.

Graphics and sound

All effects, lighting, shadows, textures, anti-aliasing are meticulously made in every detail, showing up very faithfully and smoothly. The screen is very airy, no longer showing the blood notification bars, magazines and the corners of the mobile screen have become customized, so you can freely play and experience the battle in the game. This is an extremely subtle improvement that I rarely see in FPS shooters on mobile.

It’s very suitable for players using a small screen phone and extremely easy to operate. The scene becomes spacious and comfortable, and you can see all the beauty of the graphics.

When playing the later scenes, a few details appear sporadically in the corners of the screen, but in my opinion, it is still small enough and detailed enough to help monitor without affecting vision. In general, the graphics are still very amazing.

The weapons and Agents in this game must be said to be beyond my imagination when thinking about a mobile shooter. I heard there was an old version that was equally epic before, but this is my first time experiencing Modern Combat Versus, so all the surprises are so much bigger. Lighting effects, explosions, bullets flying, mechanics of machines, mechanics in play scenes… Wow, to be honest, it’s very awesome.

The sound is extremely attractive. In addition to the sound of instructions through the switchboard sounding very “army”, a series of sounds in the game like loud footsteps, gunshots resounding in the sky, screams, loud calls of comrades also make you feel like in a real battle.

MOD APK version of Modern Combat Versus

MOD features

  • Wall Hack
  • Green Chams
  • Rainbow Chams
  • Wireframe Yellow
  • Wireframe Purple


The MOD version may not work in some devices.


Download Modern Combat Versus (MOD, Wall Hack) for Android


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