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App name Motor Depot
Package com.kozgames.motordepot
MOD Unlocked, Money
Version 1.1622
Size 160M
Require Android 4.4

MOD Information

You get a lot of money after buying something.

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Motor Depot Description

Motor Depot MOD APK will bring players an unforgettable truck driving experience for its richness and impressive realism. If you have a passion for driving and are curious about how fun it is to drive a heavy truck, let download and play this game right away.

Introduce about Motor Depot

Drive your car through challenging long roads!


In Motor Depot, you are the manager of a fleet of vehicles. Depending on the requirements of the guests, you will deploy different types of vehicles to perform the task: trucks and cars, tractors, dump trucks, and buses, you will have the opportunity to drive all of that on the road.

Each vehicle brings a whole new experience. The richness and diversity from vehicle types, to street scenes, control methods, and the ability to self-adjust from all angles when driving, are the things that make you unforgettable when playing this game.


At the beginning of the game, a quest will be set. As a manager, you will choose a vehicle that fits that requirement. Then the driver will appear, drive out of the warehouse premises and do the mission.

Motor Depot has more than 50 types of trailer-mounted trucks of different sizes and shapes. The game offers 5 different types of jobs from time to time. Each type of vehicle has its own way of controlling and mastering the road and is only suitable for certain jobs. So the first requirement is to choose the right car, followed by a standard driver.

During the driving process, you must strictly follow the traffic rules on the road: stop at red lights, do not encroach on the route, turn signals before turning, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front… Violation of these rules may lead to an unfortunate collision and severe loss of bonus points.

The challenge posed by Motor Depot lies not only in the winding, up and down, wide and narrow roads depending on the context but also in the weather. Each weather will give you a new driving feeling with a certain difficulty. Overcoming stormy roads literally and figuratively, you will see your skills improve dramatically.

Controlling the car in Motor Depot is also quite simple. You can choose to control it via the steering wheel or directly from the vehicle’s cockpit. From the cabin, the view is a bit limited but better controlled. Driving with the simulator buttons on the screen has the advantage that the large surrounding space is completely in view, making it very relaxing.

Whichever way you choose to drive, the rules of the road, the coordination of movement, acceleration, braking, and gearshifting must be fully observed. The requirement is not only that the driver completes the task on time, at the right place, but also to be safe and collect as many bonus points as possible.

The more bonus points you have, the more opportunities you have to unlock new vehicles, increase your productivity and enrich your fleet of fine trucks.

Impressive graphics and physics simulation

Motor Depot uses an open-world 3D setting. The space in front of you always stretches to infinity and you can also be viewed 360 degrees through self-adjusting the camera angle. There are many driving games on mobile, but building a full, detailed, and open environment like Motor Depot is a bit rare. Beautiful, well-thought-out graphics are one of the impressive points of this game.

Moreover, the appearance of 50 types of vehicles is also a highlight of this game. Each one has its own substance. The shape, the front of the car, the shape of the car, the specifications of the trailing trailers, all of which are different in each type. Even the controls inside the car are simulated in a variety of ways, providing a rich experience for players.

Good physics simulation is the second highlight that anyone who plays Motor Depot realizes. The tire tracks left on the road when turning, the feeling of a little drag when you have to brake hard, the heaviness when the boxes are ready, the cumbersome feeling of having to drag a bit buggy on the side behind when the road is slippery or into an area with bad weather. All are simulated clearly and close to reality. You no longer feel that this is a simple driving game but an adventure through the wide roads.

MOD APK version of Motor Depot

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You get a lot of money after buying something.


In short, Motor Depot is a truck driving game with beautiful background. The heavy trucks bring a lot of rich driving experience for players. Besides is the unique viewing angle, the open world with a lot of different weather conditions. Motor Depot is a tough driving game that is worth a try. Let’s download and play this amazing game!


Download Motor Depot (MOD, Unlocked, Money) for Android


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