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App name My Talking Tom
Package com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfree
MOD Unlimited Money
Size 121M
Require Android 5.0

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My Talking Tom MOD APK will give players a new virtual friend, along with many familiar activities and relaxing mini-games in the meantime.

My Talking Tom is fun, simple, and completely free cat care and plays the game, so it is an addictive game for many users in the world today. This is a virtual pet game that Outfit7 released in November 2013 on Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices. The player will take care of this cat-like baby, like feeding it, petting it, bathing, and playing with it. In particular, this cat has the ability to mimic human sounds interestingly and funnily, and this cat will bring you extremely comfortable entertainment moments. This game’s hotness has never decreased and is always the number 1 choice for many players and animal lovers.


My Talking Tom is a game designed specifically for pet lovers and especially for children. The game allows players to raise their own cat and name it. Your task is not difficult; you feed your cat, play with it and take care of it so that it becomes a funny and tall cat, your cat will become mature and intelligent in the future.

Besides, you should also let your cat wear beautiful costumes and accessories that you can buy with coins in the shop. And your home also needs to be lavishly decorated with kitchen, bathroom, playground, and bedroom accessories and utensils so that your cat will feel happy living in the cozy home you create. The cat in the game is designed very cutely and funny with vivid, playful colors suitable for all ages in terms of graphics.


Players will nurture their own cat by playing games with your cat, feeding the cat treatment and its favorite foods, feeding him on time, and take him to go to bed, … You will see a variety of cat emotions in My Talking Tom. It can be happy, bored, hungry, or sleepy like real-life emotions, and the cat’s emotions will depend on how you cooperate with it.

You will be unleashed your creativity in the game with unique designs for your cat and not overlapping with any other players. You can choose the outfit that suits your cat according to the styles you want and more than 1000 combinations of accessories, utensils, and furniture in the cat’s house. Besides, you will receive many rewards during the game; you help your cat grow and go through 9 different levels with 50 levels to unlock new items and rewards corresponding to the experience.


First, when you start the game, you will be taught how to play very simply and easily. When starting with My Talking Tom, you have to feed the cat so that it does not get hungry. When the cat is hungry, the icon with a spoon and floss is red, meaning the cat is hungry. Click the icon to bring your cat to the table, then touch any plate that you want to feed it. When the icon shows 100%, your cat is full.

After eating, the toilet icon is red, meaning your cat wants to go to the toilet. And just like the icon for feeding the cat, when you click it, the cat will go to the toilet, and when it’s done, the icon will display 100%. Also, when your cat is sad, the smiley on the screen will be red, your cat is trying to play with you, and when the icon is green, it means it does not want to play anymore. This cat has human-like needs and is easy to play with.

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After you have met all the eating, hygiene, and play requirements, your cat will fall asleep. The star and page face icons will now be red. Click on the icon to let it go to sleep, but besides, we have to turn off the lights for it to go to sleep to avoid dazzling. And once the icon turns green, you can continue playing with your cute cat. When all the symbols turn green, you have finished level 1, and you will have to continue playing to level up.

In addition to the above symbols, there is also a supermarket basket. You will use this icon to shop for food for your cats, such as fast food, drink, fruit, and this icon will also display your available amount for you to follow. The circle icon with the number inside is your current level. When you play the blue in the outer circle full of the circle, you will be leveled up.

My Talking Tom is a virtual cat game that attracts the most popular players today. You will be taking care of your uncle like in real life and will experience its bittersweet emotions. This is a game genre suitable for all ages.


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