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Download Neo Monsters MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.31 for Android

App name Neo Monsters
Package com.pockettrend.neomonsters
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 2.31
Size 105M
Require Android 4.4

MOD information

  • Money increases on spending

Neo Monsters Description

Neo Monsters MOD APK is a monster-catching adventure game that gives players many new experiences fighting or capturing countless legendary monsters.

If you have ever been passionate about the Pokemon game series, which is a very famous game known to many people worldwide, now there is a new game and has gameplay like Pokemon, none other than Neo Monsters. This is a beautiful game, from the content to the features they bring. The game has the theme of capturing and training monsters to make them the strongest. You will transform into a trainer and experience the amazing things in the game.


This is a game of gathering, hunting, and fighting monsters with gameplay similar to the game Pokemon. The game is produced by two famous producers, Resonant and ZigzaGame. The producers will provide you with very intense, tough matches to win a high position on the rankings. The game allows you to play on mobile platforms like iOS, Android … this game will cost about 6k, but you can download and play for free on Google Play.

In the game, you will be transformed into Hector Finnegan, a trainer known by many in the region as a collector and animal trainer. However, because he is so famous, he is known by many people and includes the prince. And after meeting the Prince, a big thing happened that the prince and his mother were killed, so Hector Finnegan was the one suspected of killing those two. With your talents, you need to train your animals so that you can solve the mystery with them and run away from the village.


The producer will provide you with a critical mission to Explore six different mysterious worlds, and it takes about 60 hours to complete all the assigned missions. It would help if you collect, train animals on your farm and grow a variety of vegetables and food for different animals and feed them every day; after that, they will evolve and level up quickly.

Along with more than 1000 evolved monsters in various forms and engaging turn-by-turn combat allows players to play with a variety of creative strategies. Furthermore, your monsters use the Dreamhunt strategy to put the enemy to sleep quickly and suck the full strength of the enemy.


Game Neo Monsters has similar gameplay as Pokemon game, and your task is to collect and train and raise them as pets to make them the most robust beast. To raise those animals, you need to grow foods suitable for each type of monster. When they eat, the power increases. Once they are mature enough, you can cross two other monsters into a new monster.

In the game, there are thousands of different monsters. As your monster levels up, it gains one training point. There will be four stats that they can increase: Attack, Health, Agility, and Defense. In each battle, there will be four monsters appearing simultaneously and a full lineup of 16 monsters to fight. The more monsters you need to collect on the adventures, the better it is for you, and it will maximize your maximum power.


With countless collected monsters and diverse evolved species, you need to train them anywhere, increasing your chances of catching animals…. You have 140 online quests to test each of your skills and need to fight hard to achieve a high score on the leaderboards to attract players. The screen interface will be divided into two in each match so you can easily see the game’s variables in the clearest way to give strategies and how to fight for each battle.

Besides, players can also invite friends to the match to fight online and compete for rankings. Not only that, you should choose the right weapons and use a reasonable strategy because each monster will have its own unique features. When fighting, they can bring you glory but also make you fail.

With beautiful 2D graphics, many features are updated regularly. The game will be more and more upgraded to give players a great experience. If you love this game genre, please quickly download and experience it.


Download Neo Monsters (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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