Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

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App name Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
Package com.birdydogstudio.oceanishome
MOD Unlimited Coins
Size 93M
Require Android 5.0

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Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator MOD APK is a real-life simulator with extensive content and gameplay for players to build or develop their dreamed city or transportation.

The simulation games always give players many exciting experiences with many different ways of playing. This richness stems from the most real-world themes that manufacturers can exploit. Simultaneously, giving players a large and genuine environment is an enjoyable and engaging thing for players when they can do whatever they like and orient their development as they please. If you are a lover of similar games, you cannot miss Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator.


Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator gives players an island where everything is meticulously designed with many different details. That gives players a new environment and inspires them to explore. Simultaneously, the beautiful images are always what makes the player a good impression when starting to experience any of this game. Therefore, they will want to immerse themselves in the world that this game brings.

If you are a fan of open worlds, then this is a paradise for you. The world in this game is vast, and you absolutely can do whatever you love and feel suitable for your new life. Therefore, it is also the factor that any player is excited and wants to experience exciting things on the island. Simultaneously, the game revolves around your new life and has absolutely no clear direction on how to play.

In this game, you will control the character from a first-person perspective to observe everything visually. Players will completely incarnate into the character and perform different manipulations in this world. It can be said that the experience feelings will be sent to players directly as if they are participating in these activities. At the same time, this angle of view is precarious and switches to a third perspective when you do some driving activities.


As mentioned above, Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator gives you an open world that anyone can reach and do as they please. This game revolves around your life on a brand new island, and you will have the task of sustaining your life with a variety of activities you can do. At the same time, this is also the challenge that players will need to take when they begin to experience this new world.

In this game, with the first-person perspective, you can interact with many different elements. It can be said that players will do many things on their own, but everything will not be too tricky, like life on a desert island. You will try to immerse yourself in life on a desert island with other specific factors such as the inhabitants. There’s a lot to do for you to explore, and it’s a time-consuming process, but you definitely won’t get annoyed by it.

You will have yourself a house in this game, but it is not the default in this game. Specifically, there will be nothing but land and materials that you can own. So, you will build your own home and be able to put the boldest and most unique ideas into it. At the same time, the game brings truth when you need a few steps to complete the house and paint the walls and other activities.


In Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator, you can find a job that suits your abilities. There will be many different types of jobs with many exciting experiences that you can go through. At the same time, gradually you will find out which job suits you to survive stably on this island. For example, do some business and attract other people on the island to buy.

In this game, you can choose to move by walking or driving. You will have your car, but it is ancient, and you will need to do some work to get it to work correctly. At the same time, once you have completed your repairs, you will be able to use it to explore this world. The driving will have different functions and gears that you can experience. So, driving and discovering things gives players a lot of fun.


Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator gives people a vast world that anyone would like to experience. It is a new life that you will need to share and spend a lot of time on. There will be challenges waiting for you from time to time, and you will need to find a way to overcome them. So, try to survive in this world and have a perfect life.


Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for Android


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