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App name Off The Road
Package com.dogbytegames.offtheroad
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 1.10.2
Size 410M
Require Android 4.1

MOD information

  • Unlimited Money

What's new

Local Multiplayer & Day and Night update!

– Local Multiplayer feature preview added!
– dynamic day & night cycle
– colourable headlights (only in medium detail and above)
– Fluorescent paints that glow in the dark!
– new vehicles to drive: Goliath, Hellfire (LE), Icebreaker
– new Carry legendary edition: Fury
– new hover car: Jupiter, this car flies! (available for a limited time!)
– improved cockpit camera
– bugfixes
– new fancy VIP offer window!

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Off The Road Description

Off The Road MOD APK is a driving simulator that focuses on the offroad type and offers players various special vehicles to conquer any road.

The off-road driving simulation genre always gives people a new experience compared to conventional driving simulator games. Furthermore, vehicles suitable for offroad vehicles have unique and attractive designs that allow people to be creative when designing vehicles. A game that fits those descriptions is Off The Road, which uses realistic 3D graphics technology and entertaining gameplay for players to enjoy exploring.


Off The Road will introduce everyone to the offroad drive simulator concept, a genre widely used but inferior to what this game will offer everyone. What’s even better is that the game combines open-world elements to create a vibrant atmosphere, giving players lots of opportunities to explore the world with their favorite cars. Besides, the game will continuously hold many intriguing events for players to challenge their driving skills. In particular, the game will introduce new content to players, including special designs and attractive rewards. In the future, as players continually progress with the game, they will gradually discover more great things coming from the off-road genre.


What makes the game famous is its special control mechanism and camera adjustments. Through that, players will feel the power and excitement when driving tuned cars for all types of roads. But, above all, the player’s experience will be intensely stimulated if driving in the first person, and freely change the camera view to admire the vehicle’s interior or discover special angles from the driver. Furthermore, players can freely customize the control mechanism when the game always wants to bring the best excitement and experience to the player.


Off The Road is one of the games that has succeeded in giving players the most vivid and authentic atmosphere of offroad races. The game uses a special 3D graphics engine and is perfectly optimized, always giving players the best visual experience, that games cannot. Plus, multiple physics systems make the player’s driving experience bumpy and stunning, giving players the ultimate enjoyment of driving on many terrains. Of course, players can customize the graphics to be compatible with their device, but that still doesn’t change the impression contained in each of its content.


The best thing every racer dream of is designing a special vehicle to cross countless different terrains freely. The game also applies realistic physics mechanics to make things more logical, like reinforcement systems, engines, tires, and vehicle performance. Players can freely customize everything on the vehicle, and they can get creative in designing powerful and tough monsters. The physics systems in this game will make the collision more vivid and realistic, even making the player’s vehicle tattered and battered after complicated runs. Those elements will make the game more authentic and give more excitement from crossing thousands of rigged terrains with optimized vehicles.


For a racer, participating in countless different races is a regular thing, and the game will continuously host many special events around the world for players to join. However, they need to drive to designated locations to participate in events manually. The game is designed in an open-world style, allowing players to explore the world through special views. Depending on the content of the events, they will have many vehicle restrictions, and players will be provided with personal garages to customize or change vehicles easily.


If players become discouraged from participating in races, they can become a special carrier on special offroad roads. The mission system is rich and varied, but players need to have the right vehicles to start the work. Depending on the locations in the world, the content of each contract is different, giving players a special experience when transporting special items on complex roads. Moreover, the game will feature the company establishment, all players enjoy a unique feeling of becoming an off-road transporter director.

Off The Road is an open-world game but mainly around offroad vehicles for players to have a new experience for this special vehicle. On top of that, the game uses a special 3D graphics engine that is perfectly optimized, giving players endless excitement when admiring the world’s beauty on the most extraordinary and authentic trips.


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