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Download Pixel Studio MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v4.14 for Android

App name Pixel Studio
Package com.PixelStudio
MOD Pro Unlocked
Version 4.14
Size 29M
Require Android 4.4

What's new

  • Extended active pen support
  • New options for selection
  • Double tap to undo’ gesture added (Settings)
  • Fast Google Drive sync
  • Delay for music added
  • Open from Files’ option can now pick custom extensions (psp, aseprite)
  • Long press to pick a color’ pen issue fixed
  • Music speed issue fixed when encoding to MP4
  • Reference movement with one finger fixed
  • Get palette’ options was moved to Functions
  • Mini-map view fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Performance improved
  • Pixel scaler in Functions (Scale2x/AdvMAME2x, Scale3x/AdvMAME3x)
  • tga full support (open/save)
  • psd full support (cloud open/save, layers supported, no animation, no layer effects, PRO required)
  • ai, eps, exr, heic, pdf, svg, webp support (cloud open only, PRO required)
  • Reference features improved
  • Eraser Pen improved
  • Minor optimizations

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Pixel Studio Description

Pixel Studio MOD APK is a new pixel art editor for artists and game developers. Simple, fast and portable. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional.

All images, or resolutions, always use pixels as the unit of measurement. So what are pixels, and how do they do in the art of photography? We can understand that a pixel is a square with many different sizes, they represent one color and together rearrange to create a perfect image. The more pixels in an image, the more efficiently the realism and vitality of the image will be expressed. However, pixels are also used to design lovely images or as graphics of classic role-playing games. If you want to explore more about pixels, and want to paint an image with pixels, try out Pixel Studio, where you unleash your creativity for entertainment.


Other digital painting applications will have a complex interface and require a lot of operations to access essential features. But it’s not the same with this application since its interface as simple as possible for users to have the best user experience. Before drawing begins, the app’s interface will display the user’s entire works in an organized manner, and display name, and date of the works. But while drawing is different, the center will be the place for the user to draw, while the top and bottom of the screen will respectively be the color palette and toolset. Just like that, users only need to use what’s available to create the best pixel images.


Pixel Studio is a drawing application for those who love creativity and want to challenge their drawing skills. However, the user’s stroke will be pixelated and can be resized as the style that the user wants. The more exciting thing while using pixel brush is that players only need to draw simple lines, and use a variety of colors to fill the blank. The app has the same mechanism of action as other normal drawing applications, but the main difference is its support features, and always helps the user to create pixel-style images. The user’s creativity will also be strongly stimulated when everything only needs to use colors and simple brush strokes.


All other drawing apps will always bring users a myriad of different brushes. Each brush has its characteristics to make a difference in the picture, as well as to represent objects or phenomena. However, with Pixel Studio, it is different, because it only allows users to use only one type of brush, and allows them to customize the pixel size. Similar to other painting applications, users can use a variety of colors, even with color correction, to become more detailed. Users can also use bucket-icon in the toolbar to fast-fill a blank of the drawing with the selected color. It can be said that with the pixel brush, things will become simpler, as well as show the pixel style clearly, and bring a lot of feeling to the viewer.


Pixel photos need to be as elaborate as possible to give viewers a lot of different emotions. Because of that, the zoom feature of the application is an important thing, as it allows users to draw more detailed and vivid strokes with a certain size. The application also lets users use the dot feature, a convenient feature that helps users to add small details without having a significant impact on the entire image.


The only reason why pixel drawings are so popular is that they are the perfect material for animations. Yes, users can easily create animated images by redrawing small details in a picture to create a different frame. After having all the necessary photos, users can take advantage of the animation feature and create the best GIF with the material photos. What’s even more interesting is that users can adjust the transition speed and can insert a myriad of different material photos to make the photo more vibrant and bring a sense of vitality to the viewer.

Pixel Studio is one of the easiest and most versatile drawing applications that a user can find on the market. It also has a simple interface, easy-to-operate features, and, best of all, a simple GIF creation process. Just with cute and lively drawings, users can create vivid 8-bit, 16-bit, and retro images. In the future, the application will also update more convenient, outstanding, and most useful features for users to create masterpieces.


Download Pixel Studio (MOD, Pro Unlocked) for Android


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