Download Pou MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.4.105 for Android

App name Pou
Package me.pou.app
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 1.4.105
Size 23M
Require Android 4.4

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Pou Description

Pou MOD APK (Unlimited Money), the funniest virtual pet game on Google Play and Appstore. With 500 millions of downloads, the game lets you experience taking care of an extremely cute pet character.

About Pou

If you don’t have too much free time but still want to keep a cute pet, Pou is a reasonable choice. Here, your pet is virtual but your experience is real.

What is Pou?

Pou is the name of the main character in the game, also a pet that you must take care of. It is an animal … not really, it is an alien-like creature with a shape just like a potato. But it was his round, fat body and big round eyes that were the “deadly” point of Pou. It looks so innocent and lovely that you just want to hug it right away. At first glance, Pou has caused sympathy and made you want to take care of him right away.

Take care of Pou

Pou is like all normal pets like dogs, cats, … To grow up, of course, he needs to eat. Therefore, you should not starve him. That is very cruel. Pou’s food is varied with a variety of foods and snacks. Includes Pizza, Hamburger, cake, fruit and some other nutritious food. But remember, sweets will make it feel happier. He eats a lot and he will get bigger and extremely lovely. Looking at the “child” growing up every day it was a very warm feeling. It makes you feel like being a mother.

However, it is because of eating a lot, especially sweets, that Pou is at risk of obesity. So give him a miraculous drink to help burn fat quickly. In addition, there are many other miraculous types of water that increase energy or stimulate appetite. Oh, Pou is like a cute kid.

Make Pou happy

Taking care of pets is not simply about feeding them, but also making them happy. Of course, they are happy, we are also happy. Sometimes Pou will feel irritable and bored. That’s when it needs you more than ever to play with it. Joy can be created in any way. Sometimes, just throwing a ball is enough to make him happy and comfortable playing. You can absolutely play with Pou more in fun mini-games. That both helps you entertain and make your pet happy.

  • Food Drop: Pick up food and keep it stay away from trash.
  • Pou Sounds: Check memory by repeating exactly the sounds that you hear.
  • Tic Tac Pou: Play with Pou.
  • Sky Jump: Tilt the phone to help Pou play on the clouds.
  • Free Fall: Help Pou collects lots of spilled gold in the sky.
  • Color: Relax with color matching game.

Not only do you entertain yourself, but mini-games also help you earn more gold. Nothing is free and money is not easy to find, but with our Pou (MOD Unlimited Money), you are not worried about the money anymore.

New looks of Pou

Create your pet with cool and cool looks with trendy fashion accessories. There are many eyeglasses, clothes, hats and jewellery. There are a lot of costumes for special days like Halloween ghost costumes or Santa Claus for Christmas, … As high levels, you can unlock more new and attractive costumes. Dress Pou in clothes to your style.

Besides fashion brands, you can change the wallpaper of Pou’s room and even change the skin color for it as you like. However, sometimes Pou’s skin will be dirty and offensive. At that time, use soap to bathe and massage it. Pou will be very excited and satisfied.

MOD APK version of Pou

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Pou MOD APK for Android

It can be said that the publisher Zakeh is very pleased with the players when always updating new and hot features. In addition, you can contact the game’s home page and hear them answer your questions. Always listening and responding to needs seems to be the maxim of their work.

Overall, I think Pou quite similar to My Talking Tom. Along is taking care of pets, playing games and listening to them “mimicking” us. However, Pou still has his own features that attract and entice players. Evidence is 500 million downloads along with many compliments with wings for this exciting game. So don’t hesitate anymore, let become the next person to own Pou on your phone.


Download Pou (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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