Download Poweramp APK v3 build 921 for Android

App name Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
Package com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock
Version 3 build 921
Size 14M
Require Android

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Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (Patched/Play/Uni) APK makes it possible to listen to your music at any time with features that adjust song elements to make it just right for you.

The application introduced to you today is an application that helps you listen to music your way with many impressive Poweramp Music Player functions. You can enter a colorful and awe-inspiring world of music created by you. In addition, there are many elements you can add to make your listening experience more enjoyable than on other platforms.


The completely new Poweramp Music Player experience offers elements of fun that any user will love. They will take the time to grasp what is in this app and the first function they will need to know is to change the theme of the app. Specifically, the application’s default theme is awe-inspiring, but over time, they will get bored or dislike it at first, and this function can solve this.

You can easily find this function in the settings, and it is easy to see because it is at the top of the list. You can choose from different themes and spend a lot of time doing it so that the application experience is not a problem. So, after the adjustment process is complete, we start to go to other experiences that are more interesting and characteristic of this application to make the music entirely suitable for many different users.


The primary function of Poweramp Music Player is to help you listen to music anywhere and anytime with the music provided by the library. Also, scanning your library is completely quick, and then you can take advantage of the search or filter functions to find your favorite song. In addition, during use, you will have immediate access to application functions because these functions are fundamental and available in any application.

One unique element that any user will love is that you can manually update the lyrics that your favorite songs are missing. That makes perfect sense when you can not only listen to music, but you can also sing along to your favorite songs even though you don’t remember them. But you’ll need time to check and search the lyrics for the songs in your library and adjust the characteristic of text that may appear to match your observations.


In Poweramp Music Player, users are free to listen to their favorite songs and experience a completely impressive interface that you will surely love. But during the experience, surely any user will probably encounter that the sound elements in the song sometimes don’t suit you even though it’s a song you like. So the app gives you a controller to adjust some elements of the song that you like.

You will enter a function with many different controls, and below that is the song you listen to and its characteristics. You will be able to adjust to your liking, and this step will take a little time to complete because many factors affect the song. So you’ll need to listen to it over and over to find the version that’s right for you. Then save your changes and continue to experience the song you just adjusted.


Once you’ve experienced the songs you love, you’ll need to know what types of audio files you can use inside Poweramp Music Player. Specifically, two featured audio files that any user will use are mp3 or mp4. But in this application, the support list does not stop there as you can also play files like opus, Ogg, WMA, and many other types of audio files. But in general, you will still use two main audio files.


Those are some of the featured functions that you can use to experience the song you like. Besides, there will be some utilities that many users will like, which are applications that support Chromecast. Specifically, you will know what you will do with them when it comes to this element. You can experience the application on another platform like TV with a larger screen size, and the music playback becomes more impressive when anyone enjoys it.

This function can be used as entertaining others at home or hosting karaoke at home if you don’t want to prepare too much for the party. In addition, the experience on a larger screen will still often be preferable when the app’s themes are gorgeous because you’ve taken the time to tweak them. So, indeed this is an application that helps you listen to exciting music and meets your entertainment needs.


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