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Download Rope Hero 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Skill Points) v2.4.8 for Android

App name Rope Hero 3
Package com.mgc.rope.hero.three
MOD Unlimited Money, Skill Points
Version 2.4.8
Size 96M
Require Android 4.4

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Rope Hero 3 Description

Rope Hero 3 MOD APK is a rope hero simulation game in a world full of enemies and your mission is to defeat them all, use all your power to win, and rise to become a true hero.

Introduce about Rope Hero 3

Hidden hero of the city!

The hero can be anyone

The concept of “hero” is one of the vaguest and broad concepts. Anyone can become a hero in normal life. So the hero should not have a clear face. It should be a cool-looking image but without the weak normal human form, nor a specific face. What matters is the action, not the superficial things. These game designers must have thought so, so they made a hero-themed mobile game like this.

The mission of the faceless hero in Rope Hero 3

Rope Hero 3 is part 3 in the Rope Hero series which is very famous on the mobile platform. Our hero, just like I mentioned above, doesn’t wear any clothes, doesn’t have any complicated equipment, and you can’t see his face. All you see is a muscular figure from the back, a huge body, and a cool general.

You will control that powerful hero in the vast 3D open city, your mission is to kill a series of aggressive enemies or hide in the form of ordinary people here. They appear anywhere, in every little corner of the city, on busy roads, right in the middle of innocent people passing by every day. You must always be alert, watch out to accurately identify the faces of enemies among the city dwellers, and destroy them at any cost.

“Any cost” here includes skills such as running, hitting, punching, kicking, which may include the use of weapons such as pistols, knives, machine guns, bazookas, various explosives. And that can also include taking advantage of all means of transport on the road from bicycles, cars, buses, heavy trucks, even tanks, and helicopters…


The control interface of Rope Hero 3 is quite simple. The upper part of the screen: the left corner is a miniature map to help determine the current location in the neighborhood, the right is the hero’s survival stats including EXP, Health, Speed ​​, and Bonus. Below the screen: the left hand is a button that controls four directions of movement, the right hand is the weapon and attack.

The game will in turn give many different tasks for your hero. Along the way, you also need to constantly find free resources and collect rewards such as first aid kits, weapons, bullets, coins, and crystals.Rope Hero 3 has a rather strange type of enemy. They rarely appear dignified in the middle of the road or duel with the hero, but always hide somewhere, waiting for the opportunity to show up suddenly and without warning, or wait when you are busy then shot you. Several times when I was robbing a car to chase a thief, I was shot like that by another thief. It’s so angry.

Hero’s enemies are not only dangerous gangs, outlaws, but also corrupt policemen. These guys are especially unpredictable because they are often hidden somewhere on the road, between good policemen and civilians, so it is difficult to recognize. To prevent the worst-case scenario, the best way is to collect as many weapons as possible, right from the first levels. Because without weapons, you will hardly win against armed criminal gangs. Fortunately, there is always a weapon shop in the city, where you can use the coins you collect to buy guns, ammunition, and armor, and when you want to buy, just look at the small map in the left corner to see it right away.

Level up the hero

Through mission victories, you can upgrade your hero, increase his survivability and stamina, pump more damage and increase attack speed. Depending on the situation, you will choose to increase the hero’s stats. Now even with more advanced combat skills, you can do things that were not possible before, like moving along the roofs of buildings, climbing high walls, chasing speed like a Hidden Ninja.

In addition to these basic stat upgrades, there are many stats to improve your combat skills: like buying more weapons, armor, and the ability to take advantage of different types of vehicles by experiencing the real world. The more cars you drive, the more hero’s driving skills will increase, and you can handle the car skillfully and accelerate when needed.

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MOD APK version of Rope Hero 3

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money


The wide-open 3D world in Rope Hero 3 allows you to almost go anywhere, doing whatever you want. The sound in this game is so lively, exhilarating. The gameplay is both strange and familiar, the enemy has many unique hidden skills, and too many intense chases take place. Fans of third-person shooters and those who love the surreal hero theme game must play Rope Hero 3.


Download Rope Hero 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Skill Points) for Android


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