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App name Silent Castle
Package com.qxgame.silentcastle
Version 1.3.10
Size 57M
Require Android 4.4

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Silent Castle Description

Silent Castle APK is a puzzle game that combines elements of role-playing, finding hidden objects, and building defenses. In the game, you can be a victim being hunted by a bloodthirsty demon walking around the castle looking for souls wandering here.

Introduce about Silent Castle

A puzzle game where you build defenses and run away from the hordes of Soul-eating Demons!

Lots of horror elements with warnings from the start

The publisher has noted that the game is associated with scary images that can cause physical and mental discomfort. You need to have careful consideration before playing, and parental guidance is required if children under the age of 18 play it. For some scenes of extreme fear, players should stop playing, especially those with diseases related to nerves, heart, and blood pressure.


It was dark and something seemed to break into the castle. Now you need to be careful because it is the Soul Reapers snooping around to steal your soul. Do you hear the horrible, scary bang bang bang sound outside? They are fiercely attacking the doors in the castle.

What should you do when that situation happens to you? There is nothing smarter than closing the door, breathing softly, hiding right in bed, and laying around with the strongest defense system against the Reapers.

By now, you must have somewhat understood the gameplay in Silent Castle, right? Silent Castle will throw you into a dark old castle with many hidden Soul Reapers just waiting for your breath. 

Your mission is to build a solid defense in the room to hide and use the traps you set up to defeat the Soul Reapers. But you need to be very careful, just a second of distraction or negligent construction detail, your soul can be lost immediately.

Game modes

Two interesting role choices are the highlight of this horror game. Silent Castle offers many different game modes. You can choose to be a lone survivor or a demonic Soul Reaper.

No matter what role you play, you will have a lot of powerful props and equipment and your own strategy of hunting, tracking, or defending and fighting. Winning through many levels will help you get more attractive rewards. Especially if you log in to play Silent Castle for the first time, you will receive a very special gift.

Secrets to the victory

Silent Castle is a series of hunting (if you choose to be a Soul Reaper) or defending and fighting (if you choose to be the victim human).

When you are a human, each scene of Silent Castle always gives a red Countdown timer. When this timer appears, you need to leave the hallway immediately or no one can guarantee what will happen to you right after.

Also, do not follow any other players into their rooms. Each bed and each room is just enough for a single person. If you walk into the room and find someone already on the bed, get out and find another as fast as you can. And if you don’t leave the room but wait, then the Soul Reaper will come and eat you soon.

As soon as you find an empty room to set up a base, you need to go to sleep immediately.  When you sleep, you will receive gold. The better, the deeper and longer you sleep, the more money, and the more opportunities there are for you to get new weapons and equipment. No matter how dirty the room you choose or how rickety the bed is, do not get out of bed no matter what happens. Even if you hear a terrifying banging on the door or whispering voices or pounding feet or feel a puff of cold smoke, do nothing but the following: lie in bed, be quiet and let the defensive structures work on their own.

What if a Soul Reaper forcefully broke the door? Sit there on the bed, search for the remote and press the repair button to fix it immediately before it’s too late. And in case you pass by and see that the light in someone’s room is broken, please do not be curious to go into that room to check the lights for that person, and even more, do not grab any items in there. Otherwise, you can pay a lot for doing such foolish things.

In the castle, many dark secret rooms have not been discovered. If you happen to walk into these rooms and find them too weird or find something wrong, get out of them immediately. Because if you still try to spend money in exchange for some mysterious item in the castle, this can make the Soul Reapers mad and chase you more aggressively than ever.

Well, this haunted castle also forbids you to take photos and videos. If you are caught trying to do this with a camera found in the castle, you will never be able to return to the castle again.


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