Download Smule MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v10.1.5 for Android

App name Smule
Package com.smule.singandroid
MOD VIP Unlocked
Version 10.1.5
Size 81M
Require Android 5.0

MOD information

  • VIP Unlocked

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Smule Description

Smule MOD APK VIP Unlocked is an application that allows you to sing any song with anyone you want, especially famous artists.

Communities or social networking sites are the best places for people to socialize and make friends worldwide. Furthermore, many applications use human traits or talents to develop content, such as beauty, a sense of humor, etc., and the most prominent human talent is vocals. Through Smule, users can easily connect with people, make friends, entertain, and become celebrities with their voices. Moreover, this place is a healthy playground for everyone and can even organize singing events to follow along. The application promises to be responsive and gives users many outstanding features, helps them express their voice and becomes more confident when singing with others.


Smule is considered one of the most entertaining user communities and currently has over 100 million users worldwide, building a strong community. When users come to this application, they can sing endlessly, enjoy all the songs in the world, and have the best user experience. Users can sing with friends or relatives, even create a private room to entertain themselves and record vocals. Compared to other singing apps, Smule has more prominence in user experience and functionality, focusing on improving vocal quality and users’ environment. From there, they can enjoy singing their favorite songs with their unique voice and style.


Smule’s music library will have all the famous songs globally and give users a wide choice of enjoying all the songs. Music will neatly arrange and categorized by different categories, such as trending, widely liked, and most listened to by different timelines. It works similarly to a music player interface but is more flexible for users to find songs easily. All songs come with simple features, like play, bookmark, and add to playlist, allowing users to comfortably interact with songs and personalize their personal library.


Smule has a flexible and user-friendly interface that creates a spacious space and allows them to enjoy singing and facetime. The app ensures visual quality, and the overall design is stunning and flawless, and users can customize or personalize the interface for a comfortable viewing experience. It comes with many features that help users customize facetime if users sing with followers and want more visual effects. Next to the home screen, the application’s interface will provide users with many impressive experiences and create a welcoming and friendly feeling often found in other strong communities.


Smule is a platform where people often host streams to share their vocals, and the app will assist users with many simple visuals to sing fluently, like lyrics or transcription. Users can customize the screen and many visual effects during the stream, make themselves stand out, or the stream becomes friendly and humorous. All viewers’ interactions will be displayed transparently on the screen, and users can freely sing whatever they want or interact with the viewer. The application will introduce an additional singing function with the viewer, allowing everyone to do duets, creating great combinations to entertain viewers.


If you lack confidence in your beauty, Smule will have one more perfect reason to welcome you to the community. The application will integrate with a professional beautician, where players can customize their beautiful bodies and create a new look for themselves every time they stream. Moreover, users can add many AR effects during the stream, make themselves stand out and come alive, and excite viewers with professional techniques. The app automatically adapts to the user’s settings and applies presets each time the user is on air, making it more comprehensive and flexible with user activity. Furthermore, users can preview the stream alone, check performance, and more before a stream, making sure everything goes smoothly.


Smule is where people can become famous singers thanks to their voice or sense of humor through songs. Users can post their custom songs on this place and perform them with their unique vocals. It comes with an impressive sound effects system powered by Smule and can even help users change their vocals. Users can choose to share their songs or change their access rights, give the community a new breeze of music, and spread their musical abilities worldwide.

Smule is a great application, and at the same time, where users want to experience famous voices, there are always talented voices above, and always gives everyone the most refreshing feeling with the music. If you want to show off your voice or your songs, then go to Smule, where it all started.


Download Smule (MOD, VIP Unlocked) for Android


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