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App name Soccer Manager 2022
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Version 1.5.0
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Require Android 5.1

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Soccer Manager 2022 Description

Soccer Manager 2022 is very suitable for those who are passionate about football but in the role of team manager. There are many opportunities for you to show your strategic thinking skills in this exciting football strategy game.

Introducing about Soccer Manager 2022

Football management game with AI and high-end simulation!

Football is more than just kicking a ball

Football is the most popular sport in the world. People from all over the world, of all genders, backgrounds, ages can love football. Everyone quickly understood and immersed themselves in its exciting atmosphere. In that passion, there is a large part that is very interested in learning about the role of Manager. The more you delve into the work of a football manager, the more you will understand that football is more than just kicking a ball.

It is also about managing players, finding and incubating young talents, leading the team in the right style, choosing worthy tournaments, making long-term development strategies for the whole team and outstanding individuals. Take care of and upgrade the facilities for the team, especially the training areas, logistics support for team members, including negotiating, considering the transfer of players, and choosing a good coach for the whole team. It’s about the macro scale.

As for management at the micro-level, it is the job of learning about big and small tournaments at home and abroad, registering to participate in big FIFA tournaments such as World Cup, Champions League… to gradually strengthen the reputation of the team, plan the tactics, draw up a strategic squad, line up the official and reserve team, have a training schedule to welcome the beginning of the season, hold press conferences before, during, and after the tournament.

That much is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many unnamed jobs that a talented and experienced manager must do.

Strategic thinking

For a player, football is just dribbling and scoring. As for a team manager, your job is up to a hundred things, and you are also nervous like a player on the field every time your team comes into the game.

Being a manager seems to be more demanding than being a player, right?

All the big and small things listed above are within the scope of a team manager’s job. It can be seen that the common point of all is strategic thinking. A real manager not only cares about everything on the outside but also has to pay attention to the inside, paying close attention to every detail so that there aren’t any shortcomings in the team.

Because in reality, any omission or unreasonable decision of the manager, leads to internal turmoil, players’ demoralization, inappropriate development direction. Of course, it all leads to undesirable outcomes.

Talking numbers

To evaluate a quality football management game, in addition to leading players to perform team management tasks alternating between wide and deep, between long and short, between present and future, then a good football management game also needs to own a large number of options for players.

Soccer Manager 2022 is one of the few games that can do that.

First, it is designed to simulate a professional football environment. The activities that take place in the vibrant, professional football market in real life are all in the game, everything from the management inside, to the outside team. In particular, player transfers are reproduced very accurately, from process to manner and progression.

In Soccer Manager 2022, there are more than 25,000 players modeled from real-life belonging to 900 clubs spanning 35 different countries around the world. These players have all been officially licensed by FIFPRO, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of fidelity, reproduction, or simulation of the real player.

Requires close attention to each stage of development but still needs to be flexible when needed

You are given the right to manage a talented football team. But for that talent to be recognized and shined, you have to do a lot of things, divided into specific stages. Soccer Manager 2022 requires players to have specific orientations for each team and team member. For example, the first stage you choose for the whole team to go in the direction of conquering domestic football tournaments, then encroaching on the region, and then the world. Or it can be determined from the beginning for the whole team to play in a large area, with experience and slowly re-sifting, participating in valuable tournaments.

Choose whichever way is up to you. But to be reasonable, you need to always consider many factors at the same time. Sometimes it is not necessary to lead the team in a single, fixed path. Your orientation can be changed, affected by many internal and external reasons. As a manager, you need to keep a close eye on the development stages of the team and make changes as needed, in the appropriate capacity, like buying quality players, changing tactics according to the opponent’s situation.

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Amazingly smart AI

Soccer Manager 2022, in addition to closely simulating the real work of a professional team manager, is also highly appreciated for the intelligence of AI technology in the game. The players on the field automatically proceed according to the plan set out by the manager earlier. The entire football market is constantly operating, and there are situations, intelligent responses to your every move, decision. It is the intelligent AI mechanism integrated into each large and small part of the game that makes the management and decision-making process of players come alive and fully interactive.

Some of the outstanding smart features of this game can be mentioned in detail:

  • The role of Assistant Director: The person who plays this role, after being recruited, will support you doing the jobs, analyze the data, give tactical feedback, help you manage the training process of the team.
  • The transfer market operates as a model in real life. The dynamic, responsiveness of the transfer process all has in the game. You also have loans or accumulated from the club’s revenue to decide to buy or exchange players with other club teams.
  • The matches have been improved to be fast, compact, more interactive, more realistic. Every pass receives feedback, players on the field always move and skillfully attack and defend without waiting for you to hold hands and point little by little.

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