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Download Speedtest by Ookla MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v4.7.20 for Android

App name Speedtest by Ookla
Package org.zwanoo.android.speedtest
MOD Premium Unlocked
Version 4.7.20
Size 38M
Require Android 5.0

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Speedtest by Ookla Description

Use Speedtest by Ookla MOD APK for an easy, one-tap connection internet performance and speed test – accurate anywhere thanks to our massive global server network.

Speedtest by Ookla is a famous internet speed test application for all different platforms because of its superiority and versatility that users can use anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the mobile platform is considered the most outstanding and impressive when it integrates with many new tools and features, allowing users to check, connect, and search all internet sources around them. Of course, it also comes with extensive customization to improve performance significantly.


The core function of Speedtest is for users to test their internet speed, and at the same time, compare it with other speeds over certain distances. Its ability to measure speed is also done quickly, even with many attractive services to optimize the connection or give accurate results. Moreover, it can measure the speed of Wi-Fi or mobile data and many valuable parameters for users.

The internet speed measurement feature also lets users know the ping level of some locations. They can also access games and test their speed, useful information for users to know the latency from their online games. Not only that, but the ability to measure speed is also perfectly optimized, giving users more discoveries about how ping works and how to reduce them for the best user experience.


The convenient thing about the application is that it helps users test internet speed for online streaming services. Users can choose any server or website they need from the application, start streaming, and give them the best options possible. Checking the streaming quality will provide users with a new experience to safely watch any high-quality content without interruption.

During the test, the user can change the quality of the video or movie, and the internet speed required will be higher if the user watches in 4K HD. That function helps users know the status of the internet, thereby setting the appropriate picture quality for the best possible viewing experience. They can also monitor internet speed and streaming capabilities in real-time through the built-in notification bar.


VPN by Speedtest is rated as safe and effective for users to access the internet with high speed comfortably. The application will also provide users with a certain amount of data per month, and when upgrading, the account can enjoy more benefits from the VPN. Through connecting to the application’s VPN, the speed and connection of the user are always stable, even faster for streaming videos or playing games if they need low ping.

After connecting to the VPN, users will have access to many locally blocked websites or access to a few special addresses that only the VPN can access. It also helps users stay safe and hide their internet activities, an effective function for having a better internet experience than ever. Best of all, VPN connections can be made automatically and manually, giving users more options when connecting to the server they need.


It’s a built-in system function that helps users check the local map to find the places with the most stable connection. The map uses special but easy-to-understand symbols, allowing users to reach areas covered by Wi-Fi and compare their speeds based on their closest distance. Of course, it only shows free Wi-Fi, an effective function to save time searching for Wi-Fi without paying for any service.

The impressive thing about the map is that it also searches and guides users to 5G service providers, even compares speeds, and applies all the speed test features for them. Besides 5G spots, users are also directed to places with low user density, making the connection more centralized and stable if they need a long-term connection. A few advanced features will help users customize the system to optimize every personal user experience.


Speedtest not only focuses on comparing or testing the speed of each Wi-Fi or 5G source, but it also comes with wide and versatile customization for users to personalize everything in different styles. That also affects the application’s performance, but they will have more useful test results for users to have more considerations before connecting to various Wi-Fi sources in the nearest area.

Speedtest is superior and widely used among most internet speed testing tools for its impressive and versatile capabilities. They also come with a lot of customization and personalization, suitable for users to change their own experience or optimize the system smoothly. If you always need to check everything related to the internet connection anytime, anywhere, this application will be a perfect tool.


Download Speedtest by Ookla (MOD, Premium Unlocked) for Android


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