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App name Super City
Package air.SuperCity
MOD Full Game Unlocked
Version 1.240
Size 43M
Require Android

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Super City MOD APK is a super simulator with tons of funny elements and endless freedom for players to enjoy using all the skills from many superheroes.

Superhero saving the world has been one of the most popular topics in recent times. Super City – Superhero Sim is definitely one of the most exciting names in the gaming market. It simulates a world where many Super Heroes gather and bring peace to the people there.


For example, in games published by well-known publishers, the heroes will be depicted in visually stunning fashion. The characters, as well as the environment, will be created using 3D Models, which will allow for extremely sharp detail to be achieved. Super City, on the other hand, provides a significantly more “poor” experience. When players first log into the game, they will notice that this has happened. The characters in this game are also created using 3D Models, but they appear to be much more affordable. Could it be that the producer, MDickie, does not have a large budget for the design department? Or perhaps they do it on purpose in order to distinguish their characters from other products of the same genre that are currently being accepted by the market.


Those who have been fans of longtime two brands, popular comics Marvel Comics and DC Comic, make sure they are familiar with the heroes that I love to prefer. Can a 20-year-old The Hulk fanboy instantly recognize his idol? That’s for sure. How can you forget a giant hero with his signature green color? Or you will also have to recognize a hero with the appearance of an ancient Viking with a hammer in his hand. That’s Thor.

Although they create characters with not very polished models, the characteristics for players to recognize their idols are still perfectly preserved. Maybe you want to change a little bit of flavor for your gaming process after hours of enjoying games with beautiful graphics. Super City is an appropriate answer for your free time. Moreover, the publisher is constantly releasing new updates to improve the game’s speed and frame rate to make this product work more smoothly. Thanks to that, it continuously attracts new fans to this game.


Just mentioning the popular comic universe made Marvel and DC, their fans will give you daily different battles that only exist in fantasy. They are too passionate about certain characters and think those characters are invincible. Or even that they love their comic universe, so they think other heroes are weaker. Therefore, it has caused highly heated battles on social networks for many years. Debates raged without end.

This game will help players can satisfy all that they want. With over 150 superheroes and supervillains, Super City lets you create battles only in fantasy. Do you think Civil War or Secret War was the most significant battles you’ve seen in your favorite comic book universe? Here you can also create tag team matches with a more significant number of characters. Or You can even take Marvel Comics characters against DC Comic. The outcome of this battle depends, of course, on you, on your gaming skills and hard work.


This is a pretty special game when it uses the phone’s keyboard to create the control mechanism. It is both a strategy game and a fighting element. Players will have to plunge into a huge battle with many characters participating. You will be allowed to control a character and must destroy all the rest to win. Therefore, players will have to face many different types of mechanics. Some superheroes have the ability to sell lasers from a distance. Or some supervillains have the ability to freeze you for 1 second. Players will have to master their own combat mechanics and understand how the game works in order to win the victory they deserve.

On the screen will appear a 4-way control panel that allows you to transfer on the screen easily. With 2.5D graphics, players can move quickly and easily around the map. And it also creates complications during combat. The buttons A, R, G, P, T, and S, represent special operations. How to combine them together will help you create super-powerful combo chains.


Download Super City (MOD, Full Game Unlocked) for Android


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