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App name The Lonely Hacker
Package com.TheLonelyDeveloper.TheLonelyHacker
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 16.4
Size 113M
Require Android 4.4

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The Lonely Hacker Description

The Lonely Hacker MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simulation adventure game without moving. In the game, you play the role of a real hacker, experience the feeling of groping into secret corners of countries and continents to make money and assert talent. The game is quite stressful but extremely stimulating!

The Lonely Hacker: Transformed into a hacker, infiltrated the servers of nations

Do you want to be a hacker?

In action, technology or sci-fi movies, a hacker character is indispensable. Even if they’re not the main character, and they just sit in one place, they can do cool things like: disable alarms, bypass firewalls, unlock doors, break into information systems, change security, putting viruses on the national intelligence database … All of this is normally only visible in movies.

Agree that some bad hackers deserve condemnation. But what if you still believe this is the right way and like many other jobs, are tools to make money, make a lot of money. Considering in a certain aspect, I find this thought quite reasonable.

So, if you are really passionate or just curious programmer, or simply have a little interest in programming by the way, wanting to find out what a hacker is, then you should download The Lonely Hacker and play now.

Gameplay looks boring, but when play, you will understand its appeal

At the beginning of the game, you will be “trained” for a bit of the concepts in the game. Then will appear a bulletin board from an organization called “The Agency”, claiming to be the place to train, gather and connect the rogue hackers from all over this earth.

After some conversation, they send a message welcoming you to the hacker club. Next, the Agency will assign you each task by email. Click OK, the mission will begin, and a series of chat frames will appear with quite detailed instructions, in which there are information about the address to access, information about the server and data you need to get.

The main actions in the game are just select, touch, drag and click, like you are using a computer. But what causes suspense and stress is the process of performing each task assigned by the organization. You can “go” anywhere on earth, to hack, as long as there is internet available there. A location map appears each time you move on to a new mission. Once in the serever, you just have to follow the next instructions, use the necessary tools, along with your extensive programming knowledge to complete the mission.

Not only simulating the work of a hacker, The Lonely Hacker also simulates the details of supportive tools for professional hackers such as emulating hardware, software and a bunch of other features. Each of these items has different ways of using and exploiting their features. This is also an accompanying factor that makes up the richness of the gameplay of The Lonely Hacker.

What is the motivation for each mission?

The reward is also a huge motivator. Of course, whether you are a hacker or whatever, you still need money. You will receive a lot of money, the amount depends on the difficult or easy task, the time you complete. That is, for the most part, the main purpose of real-life hackers.

The next bonus is upgrades. Upgrade computers, upgrade equipment, work rooms, map systems … A little note here is that not all upgrades are from missions, sometimes they also come from minigames.

The Lonely Hacker is essentially a game that is not “pure entertainment” at all. There are almost no images, characters, or the usual fighting movements, nor the trendy songs that cause attention. It is as hard and dry as the nature of a hacker’s job. So, for the player to be less lonely, the game has provided a number of mini-games along the way, such as the Encoding Matrix format.

Every time you solve this minigame you will have money and items, but not as much as the main task. If you’re lucky, you can get rare items from these minigames, this may be the key to going to the next quest.

In addition, you can use the money earned from your hacker job to buy items from the shops to better support the job. In general, you need to make money and lots of money.

Diverse game modes, fierce competition

Of course, you can play alone with the AI. But if playing alone is too boring, you can also invite your friends to play or compete against the “hacker” around the world. The game has a public ranking mode where you can join, show off your hacking skills and climb the desirable rankings with players in the same system.

And finally, to avoid feeling the hacker too dull, The Lonely Hacker adds a lot of different Color themes to make the task no longer monotonous. You have different color tones synced for everything, from the chat screen, the organization’s email interface, to the different hacking browsers used. More or less, this feature has created some considerable excitement for players.

Graphics and sound

The graphics and music in the game have almost nothing to say. Since graphics are different interfaces, PC screen with text, fonts and transition effects. As for the music, each mission will have different music, all of them are non-verbal, suspenseful melody with a futuristic vibe.


Anyway, the appeal of the game is not originally graphics or music, but how the game leads you into the role of real hacker. If you are interested, please download The Lonely Hacker APK to play via the link below.


Download The Lonely Hacker (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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