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App name The Walking Dead: Survivors
MOD One Hit/God Mode
Version 3.12.1
Size 661M
Require Android 4.4

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The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK is a turn-based RPG that adopts base-building factors for players to explore and rebuild their beloved survivor sanctuary.

Perhaps the topic of diseases and natural disasters is always the topic that interests everyone. In recent years, movies on the themes of influenza, epidemics, and viruses have always attracted a large number of fake others. So in the field of game development, games on any topic are strongly developed. And the game of ultimate survival and the zombie epidemic are the hot searches that have been searched in recent years. Today I will introduce the game The Walking Dead: Survivors – a game currently storming the market recently.


Indeed, you have also seen movies about zombies, a topic that is feverish and attractive to many people. Perhaps horror as well as suspense that movies on this subject are popular. And the game about this topic is equally popular. The Walking Dead: Survivors game is a typical example. The game attracts thousands of downloads every day.

The game is produced and published by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. If you are a fan of zombie horror themes, you definitely cannot ignore the game that is causing fever in the gaming community on this phone. The game is developed in a survival game style combined with dramatic action, and the game gives players entertainment by random characters and situations. With the engaging storyline, exciting gameplay, and horror details, are you ready to enter the most violent survival game in the world?


If you already know the movie The Walking Dead, the game’s story is not too strange to you. A terrible epidemic broke out in the city. The bites of infected people spread this virus. Those infected with the virus will lose their humanity but become a zombie spreading this virus everywhere. These zombies roam your city. After only a few months, the city has become chaotic and shattered, as if the human world is slowly crumbling and replacing it with rotten corpses. Humans fight each other for life every moment. The government and people are in panic and crisis.

The character Rich, a police chief, wakes up from a coma, and what awaits him is the situation, but first, he needs to find his wife and son. How will Rick have to survive and fight this horrible zombie world? You will decide the answer because you will play the character Rick and accompany your friends against the undead. The game only relies on the movie’s plot to build the content, so you do not worry that you know too well about the situations that will happen. Indeed many things in the game will always be surprising and exciting.


The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game combined with attractive survival. In the game, survival is a priority. The world is full of hideous undead who always want to attack and spread the disease to you. In addition to the zombies, people standing in front of death are always the cruelest and worst. You have to face many dangers. This struggle for life is not only about you, so you will inevitably encounter other people fighting for resources to survive.

With simple gameplay that any player can play, but to survive, it is unpredictable. When you first enter the game, you will be sent to an abandoned base on a deserted island. Now on the map, there will be some objects, go to collect them, maybe they will bring you higher survivability. If you are lucky, you have found a weapon to protect yourself when you first enter the game. And if you see zombies with a weak initial ability, hiding to safety is a wider choice than face-to-face with them.


The Walking Dead: Survivors will focus on survival rather than fighting because zombies are too powerful. So finding sources of food and water should also be guaranteed. The construction of shelters and houses is also essential to preserve your life, and a haven will be built by items you find on the map. Assembling your own weapons from seemingly worthless objects is also a show of your creativity.

Be careful with the players in the game because every player is friendly. You can also collect items on the map, sell them for what you need more, or trade with others for what you want. This survival game brings elements of surprise, stimulating imagination and creativity for players. The scenes of fighting and hiding the zombies will give players the thrill of standing still. Download the game now to your phone to have the most indescribable and wonderful experience.


Download The Walking Dead: Survivors (MOD, One Hit/God Mode) for Android


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