Truck Simulator: Ultimate

Download Truck Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK (Max fuel/No Damage) v1.2.4 for Android

App name Truck Simulator: Ultimate
Package com.zuuks.truck.simulator.ultimate
MOD Max fuel/No Damage
Version 1.2.4
Size 1.1G
Require Android 7.0

MOD information

MOD 1:


  • Max fuel
  • No damage

Follow install steps:

1. Download the original from Playstore and login with google
2. Uninstall the original and install the MOD

For the original version, please install APK and OBB file follow the instruction.


1. The initial VIP level is 30, gold coins are 5,000, and money is 1 million. The initial modification of this modification will only have an effect on the mobile phone that installs this game for the first time. If the game has been installed before, please ignore it.
2. Using enough money will not decrease.
3. Go advertising and free advertising to get rewards.


1. This game requires a three-piece set of VP and Google, both of which are indispensable. Otherwise, the game will crash and crash. Most of the Huawei series mobile phones have Google installed (the installation is actually not complete). Please don’t try it.

2. During the loading process of the game, there will be several circles, and you can cancel it by pressing the back button of the mobile phone.

3. This MOD has the risk of title or rollback. It is only for the experience. If you like this game for a long time, please support the genuine version and download the original version or other mod.

4. Do not play multiplayer mode in the MOD version.


What's new?

Truck Simulator : Ultimate Previous version

  • Snowy weather added. (Alpha Version)
  • Rainy weather added. (Alpha Version)
  • Truck contamination added.
  • Truck wash facilities added.
  • New trucks added.
  • Used trucks market activated.
  • New vehicles added to the traffic.
  • Traffic AI.
  • Turning of AI traffic trucks have been made more realistic.
  • Headlights have been improved.
  • On “Fantastic” quality, road surface reflections can now be seen when its raining.
  • Steering has been modified to be more easy to turn.
  • Realistic sunset effects have been added.
  • Bug fixes have been made.

Truck Simulator : Ultimate v1.2.0 (latest)

  • DLC added. You can download contents other players made at main menu from the DLC button.
  • International jobs added.
  • Border control crossings added.
  • New event. Protect the president.
  • Optimizations for low-end devices have been made.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements have been made.

Truck Simulator: Ultimate Screenshots

Truck Simulator: Ultimate Description

Truck Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK makes you the best truck driver through a highly long game-making experience, thanks to its expensive design. We can mention previous hit names like Bus Simulator: Ultimate, Driver Simulator,… These games all share the same publisher and have a traffic simulation gameplay sought by gamers.


Unlike its brothers, Truck Simulator: Ultimate features variant gameplay with much more complex missions. Games of the same genre only require you to be a pure truck driver. Players just need to drive trucks around the world and earn money. But with this game, not only can you travel around the world, but you also have the ability to build your own colossal transportation empire for yourself.

First, we still have to ship packages to earn small amounts of money first. Do not be discouraged; that is an excellent basis for accumulating capital and quickly getting rich. If you work hard enough, it only takes about two days of playing games; you can start your own small company. Then don’t hesitate to hire good drivers and buy them the best trucks individually. They will quickly earn you passive money quickly. As long as you focus on doing your own thing, the money will automatically increase unexpectedly.


Your work will continue even if you already have a considerable staff. Players continue to receive quests regularly. You have the right to choose the tasks that are right for you and execute them. Of course, the reward after a trip is always something you want to get. However, traveling worldwide is also an exciting thing that game makers actively bring to their players.

Major cities around the world are included in the map to increase the attraction for players. Are you a European with a strong passion for the Chinese landscape and culture? Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, … will be ideal destinations in Truck Simulator: Ultimate. Moreover, with over 100 cities, players can spend two months enjoying them all. New updates can then add real-time city features.


To own an impressive truck, you need a lot of money in your fund. After performing various tasks in Truck Simulator: Ultimate, the player also has a decent amount of money and a transport company of his own. At this point, think about upgrading trucks for a better experience in your adventures. You can buy a whole new truck or slowly buy small accessories and upgrade your favorite truck and wait until you have enough money.

With 32+ amazing trucks, players are allowed to expand the model and increase the choices for their customers. In addition, there will also be real models on the market that you can drive most realistically. Expensive models will have more powerful engines, faster cars, larger fuel tanks to help you go longer without refueling. Moreover, the colors of the trucks can also be customized, and more cool decals are also added a lot, depending on the creativity in Truck Simulator: Ultimate.


Download Truck Simulator: Ultimate (MOD, Max fuel/No Damage) for Android


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