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Download Truck Simulator USA MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v5.7.0 for Android

App name Truck Simulator USA
Package com.ovilex.trucksimulatorusa
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 5.7.0
Size 53M
Require Android 5.0

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Truck Simulator USA Description

Truck Simulator USA MOD APK gives players a unique truck driving experience with beautiful graphics, smooth control and many other functions.

The driving simulation genre nowadays is a widely discussed topic because of its relaxing feel and gameplay. These games always give players useful knowledge while driving and give them a sense of controlling a vehicle through a virtual reality system. One of those games is Truck Simulator USA – Evolution, a 3D simulation genre combined with endless gameplay for players to explore the vast US land.


Compared with the EURO truck simulator, Truck Simulator USA – Evolution will give players the most genuine feeling when driving typical trucks of America. In particular, the biggest difference is the engine and the experience they bring and are designed to run on long roads throughout the US States. Meanwhile, EU trucks are less efficient, compact, and can be easily circulated from the country of Europe. That is the biggest difference of this game compared to the EURO truck simulator, where players can drive expensive trucks on a vast American land.


Truck Simulator USA – Evolution uses an immersive 3D graphics engine combined with deep and realistic gameplay to give players a promising experience that other truck simulators cannot. In this game, players will start with a career as a truck driver, build a company, and gradually develop it. As players continually interact with special transport contracts, they will have to travel across the US, use the navigation system, interact with NPCs, and more as a real drivers. Of course, when players keep doing this, they will receive a lot of money and gradually level up their driver’s license and recruit more new drivers for the company.


The game’s control mechanism is simulated exactly like operating an American truck, so its interface is intricately designed and full of important functions. When players begin to enter the profession, they will be enthusiastic about the basic operation and briefing the basic traffic rules when starting the job. After that, the player must learn to operate, control directions, use the camera properly, interact with the gearbox, and do many other things as they get on a truck. Over time, everything will gradually become more adaptive, and players can customize the console to enjoy the true feeling of becoming a driver.


The world system in Truck Simulator USA – Evolution is based on a real map of the United States, making the size of the game large and giving players many opportunities to explore America. Depending on the job of each contract type, it is the player’s task to transport different items manually, pass through multiple stops, and deliver the items within a limited time. Besides, players have automatic or manual parking, as the reward for each type can be extra to pay for all drivers’ activities. The game will also support players with an intelligent FPS system, helping them determine the best route and know what stops will appear on the way.


For an individual truck, customizing its look is essential for them to stand out on immense roads. Fortunately, the game will present players with a deep and rich customization system, giving players loads of fascinating options for customizing their favorite trucks. Not only customize, but players can unlock new trucks with better performance and superiority to receive special contracts. In the future, as the player’s company grows, they will gradually unlock more space to buy trucks, giving the player more options to grow the company.


Truck Simulator USA – Evolution will use a new generation 3D graphics engine to build all kinds of visuals, like worlds, trucks, environments, and many other graphic elements. Because of that, the game is called a performance killer, when it consumes a lot of performance to give players the most authentic experience when becoming a truck driver. Of course, players can customize the graphics and visual effects, making it perfectly optimized and operating stably on weaker devices. Even so, it will greatly reduce the gameplay experience, but players can still enjoy its special content.

Becoming a truck driver is complicated and takes a lot of skill, but with Truck Simulator USA – Evolution, players can feel the most realistic and vivid when driving the ice trucks on the immense road. It is also a perfect opportunity for players to see the beauty of American trucks and discover the peaceful life of professional drivers.


Download Truck Simulator USA (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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