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Download Web Video Cast MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v5.5.15 for Android

App name Web Video Cast
Package com.instantbits.cast.webvideo
MOD Premium Unlocked
Version 5.5.15
Size 39M
Require Android

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Premium Unlocked

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Web Video Cast Description

Web Video Cast MOD APK is an application with features that help you stream what you like to a bigger screen and support various TV genres.

Watching a video or files on the device on a large screen can be quickly done when you use Web Video Cast. Users will take the time to establish a connection between their smartphone and the TV. At the same time, their job is to experience what they like when the connection requirements are entirely met. Some of the device’s Premium functions are also quite useful to many people.


Users will be able to watch whatever they like with just Web Video Cast and a supported TV. That offers a variety of gratifying experiences that any user will enjoy as they can experience what they want on a bigger screen, but it’s not too hard to connect. At the same time, playing videos or many elements that the device fully supports is something that can be applied in many different cases depending on the entertainment needs of the user.

Once you have finished downloading the application, you will begin to connect with your TV with completely simple connection methods and do not take too much time. Your device will need to have this application, and for your TV, you will need to download another application called Web Video Caster. Once done, you will then open two apps on two platforms and start connecting. If the process is successful, you can view any of your favorite elements in your browser or available on your device.


The TV devices you can use to download applications and establish a connection are pretty diverse, and they all have one thing in common: using a browser. Some of the TVs you may have are supported by Chromecast, RokuTV, SmartTV, and sometimes PlayStation 4 web browser. So users will need to learn these functions entirely carefully. Be careful to know what type your TV is and has the relevant functions to make the connection.

During application development, one factor that anyone will like is the increasing number of supported TVs. In other words, this application supports most TVs on the market, and soon, the number will likely increase over time. You can safely use this application to view your favorite shows or files that you store. During use, you also need to pay attention to certain factors related to the application.


As mentioned above, users can watch any video they like with Web Video Cast. So you’ll be able to share your favorite movies on a larger screen to experience them with more enjoyment. At the same time, sometimes watching videos with other people is also completely interesting when you can prepare content for the video yourself or not. Besides the videos you watch as TV shows or movies, there are many other elements that you can play on your television.

The images and sounds available on your device are also entirely displayed straightforwardly. In other words, your device becomes a controller for your entertainment activities, and the TV will be responsible for bringing them to be unique on the big screen. So you’ll not only watch what’s supported on your TV but also other devices with the same kind and use the advantages it can give you.

You will need to pay attention when using files to show on your TV because the TV is only for presentation, and the application will be the bridge for this. In other words, the files that you want to appear on the TV must be successfully opened on the smartphone. Such files like movies, audio, photos, and many videos on other platforms must be fully supported by your device. Much of what you want to watch on TV has been successfully viewed on your device before.


In using Web Video Cast, the experience of watching videos or other file types will have some problems. If users experience the Premium function, there will be certain benefits, such as not seeing any ads when using the application. Although watching the movies you like, you are still using the platform of this application. Let this premium functionality help you have a completely uninterrupted experience.

As you watch a lot of content over and over again, you’ll be able to find your viewing history on the app. It comes in handy because sometimes, you’ll want to revisit some of the essentials of this content and be able to find them quickly. In addition, bookmarking and bookmarking related to the most viewed objects is also what makes your experience more assured and convenient while using the application.


Download Web Video Cast (MOD, Premium Unlocked) for Android


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