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Download World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.266 for Android

App name World Truck Driving Simulator
Package com.dynamicgames.worldtruckdrivingsimulator
MOD Unlimited Money
Version 1.266
Size 632M
Require Android 5.0 and up

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World Truck Driving Simulator Description

Dynamic Games is a major publisher of Portuguese. On May 30, they launched World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a driving simulation game for Android devices.

About World Truck Driving Simulator

If you are or are prepared to have a car, learning to drive is a good idea. If you do not know how to drive, you should consider signing up for a driving course.

Developers of this game have said that “We had to sit on the trucks and drive them, this is how we experimented to develop the game.” Driving simulation games have extremely detailed 3D graphics. Developed by a very crowded team, the game is cherished and recently launched around the world.

Driving jobs

If you know where to drive, you can go anywhere, at any time, without having to bother with the vehicle or depend on the driver. You may not have or are not qualified to own a car, but if that changes in the future you will have the experience and be able to sit in the driver’s seat immediately, which is very interesting. World Truck Driving Simulator will help you get closer to your dream. You will be holding the steering wheel hand, but just take over the phone screen only offline!! For more information, read this article that will get you excited while driving.


Gameplay focuses on driving, like Truck Simulator 2018: Europe. You will be sitting in a cabin of different capacity cars and gears, including Brazilian, European and American models. There is no beginning or end of the story, World Truck Driving Simulator players explore the different terrain, can be hills, cities or highways.

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Before starting the car you need to carefully check the contents in the following order:

  • Adjust the mirror to clearly see the two sides behind of the car
  • Make your seat comfortable
  • Observe the map and start by pressing the Start button.

Your task now is to control the steering wheel of the truck, which is located on the left side of the screen. Right is the brake pedal and accelerator. The cockpit is designed like today\’s trucks, making it feel more familiar and will not be surprised when it comes to driving real cars. You can hit the gauge, view route maps or turn on lights when traveling at night. But you also need to be very cautious when it comes to traffic. You will encounter collisions whenever you are not focused. Regularly watch the rearview mirror when you want to pass or turn to help you have the highest level of safety.

All the game details are carefully designed, encapsulated in a simulation game. The development team has experimented with real-life vehicles and collected feedback from the driver, bringing the experience closer to the player.


The graphics in World Truck Driving Simulator are 3D-engineered with Ultra technology. I am very impressed with the graphics of the game. What makes the difference in driving games is driving simulation games that have very multi-dimensional graphics, bring players to different maps and terrains. The wind and bluish fields, the hills, and the difficult terrain, the large city, and many highways.

The details of the vehicle are also very detailed and impressive design. Simulation-based on trucks from Brazil, Europe, and America. The image of the car’s smoke and ambient environment is also designed real. The publisher has been successful in bringing the simulation game to a mobile device for those who do not own the car. In addition, the audio system in the game is also very real. A boom or a siren, the brakes help the player have a very realistic and wonderful experience.

MOD APK version of World Truck Driving Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Start the game with a large amout of money.


World Truck Driving Simulator is a very worthwhile game. It brings a realistic experience to the players, helps you to have better knowledge and understanding of driving studies. In game development technology, driving games are indispensable games on mobile devices. This is a very beautiful graphics game, well worth a pocket game for you. The download is free for Android devices. Will iOS ever have? Track the progress of the game through new updates!


Download World Truck Driving Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android


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