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Download Zombie Survival: Eternal War MOD APK (God Mode) v2.81.1230 for Android

App name Zombie Survival: Eternal War
Package com.zenjoy.zombie
MOD God Mode
Version 2.81.1230
Size 131M
Require Android 4.4

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Zombie Survival: Eternal War Description

A war, a plague, and an infected world – survival is all you can hope for. Will you be the hero to lead your fellow survivors through this zombie apocalypse or fail as the world crumbles around you?


  • Blast zombies and monsters in randomly generated dungeons. Keep exploring and venturing into the unknown! Every run is a new experience.
  • 100+ weapons and 50+ skills to explore and change in battle. Develop your unique strategy to crush your enemies!
  • Start your adventure as Wade or Eva, two heroes with unique abilities. But don’t stop there – more heroes are on the way!
  • Grow your power permanently by leveling up perks.
  • Join the Daily Patrol and take the time to hone your skills!
  • Claim rewards by logging in daily and completing dungeon missions!

Equip yourself for battle against the walking dead! Zombie Survival: Eternal War combines the roguelike shooter experience with a zombie apocalypse. Choose a hero and begin your adventure traversing mysterious dungeons while killing rotting zombies and other fantastic creatures. Escape from danger to survive!

Game – Roguelike Action Shooter – with Zombies!

Roguelike elements are an essential part of the game. Death will be swift and frequent because there’s no escaping misery in an apocalypse. When you die, just start a new run. Venture out again with a fresh perspective to get a whole new experience in this constantly shifting cityscape. Start a new adventure and find new weapons. Battle zombies as a shooter, archer, swordsman, or sorcerer. Whether it’s guns with bullets/lasers or bows with arrows, you can equip any weapon you find in the dungeons. Hone your zombie slaying skills in never-ending dungeons and become a master of archery, gunslinging, sword-swinging, or spellcasting. In your adventure, humanity’s survival is threatened by evil ghouls and terrifying creatures. You will enter dark dungeons filled with the dead, wretched monsters, and corrupted drones and robots – all vicious and focused on your death!

Adventuring in maze-like dungeons is another challenge. Escaping from randomly linked rooms while battling enemies is not an easy job. Some dungeon rooms are battle rooms with zombies, monsters, and bosses, while others have healers, merchants, epic guns, treasure boxes, and more waiting for you to explore.

Finally, in Zombie Survival: Eternal War you can simply just enjoy the thrill of slaying zombies in your preferred way – shooting, blasting, slashing, and burning! Explore an assortment of powerful weapons to achieve your ultimate goal – destruction! Hack zombie heads with your sword or incinerate them with Flamers – there are hundreds of ways to battle the walking dead!

You can also upgrade your equipment, level up perks, and increase your stats permanently.

  • If you like casual auto-aim shooters, action-adventure games, or Roguelike and Roguelite games!
  • If you like dungeon exploration, randomly generated maps, and weapons.
  • If you like dodging bullets in shoot-’em-up games!
  • If you like simple and easy to learn controls with strategic skills and combat tactics!
  • If you like trying out different heroes and challenging various bosses.
  • If you like general shooters or bow and arrow archer games.
  • And if you like slaying zombies and surviving apocalypses!

Pick up your weapons and dodge enemy bullets. The war is on, and it’s time to fight for humanity’s survival!

Let the never-ending war begin in this zombie apocalypse shooter!


Download Zombie Survival: Eternal War (MOD, God Mode) for Android


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